Olivia Ponton: Spreading Positivity and Encouraging Change One Post At A Time

Born and raised in Naples, Florida, Olivia Ponton is the social media star with a personality just as sunny as her surroundings! With an unequivocal zest for life and an infinite amount of positivity to share, Ponton has inspired millions of fans around the globe, and continues to use her platform as a means to stimulate change. 

What simply began as posting fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos online, quickly turned into an illustrious career for 18-year-old Olivia Ponton. With over 7.5 million followers and 365 million views across various social media platforms, the young starlet proves that anyone can be successful if he or she simply pursues what they are most passionate about.

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After establishing such a strong internet presence, Ponton moved to Los Angeles where she was immediately signed by Wilhelmina modeling agency. She has since partnered with a number of well-known labels, such as Pretty Little Thing, Urban Outfitters, and Free People, just to name a few, and most recently released her own swimsuit line in collaboration with White Shore Swim. She will also be issuing her brand new merchandise in November 2021!

In addition to her work in front of the camera, Ponton strives to create change in the world, and is extremely passionate about supporting causes such as Body Positivity, Mental Health, and Ocean Cleanups. She has worked with a slew of Non-Profits, donating proceeds from her Instagram stories and shedding light on major issues through meaningful conversation, and constantly reminds her followers that kindness is the key to creating a more amicable and united world.

Eager to learn more, BELLA connected with Ponton…

How have you been staying positive during these unprecedented times?

I’ve been trying to stay positive during these times by working a lot on myself, including working out and focusing on eating healthy! When your mind and body are happy, you are happy!

What are some of your favorite ways to combat stress when it comes to having such a strong social media presence?

My stress relievers are usually FaceTiming or calling my friends to help me calm down if I’m feeling overwhelmed. I also love to look back at fun photo shoots or TikTok‘s that I’ve made with the people that I love the most!

What advice would you give to an individual looking to enter the modeling industry?

I would say my advice would be to never stop trying to reach your goals, even when people tell you no or that you can’t do something. Always love yourself and remember your self worth!

What would be a dream project for you?

A dream project for me would be definitely be working for Victoria’s Secret, or Calvin Klein!

How do you define beauty?

I define beauty by the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others. A beautiful person has a kind soul, as well as pure intentions!

Connect with Olivia here: TikTok | Instagram | YouTube

Shop Olivia’s swim collaboration here: https://www.whiteshoreswim.com/collections/collab-olivia-ponton


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