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On My Wishlist: New Bond St.


It’s tough to say whether Fall has arrived or not, but earlier this season Bond No. 9 launched their latest fragrance and we are going b-a-n-a-n-a-s for it here at BELLA. With their headquarters located on the fast-paced, ever-changing Bond Street, they took inspiration from how the neighborhood has evolved over the years to create the scent New Bond St. From an unassuming cobblestone street to a hip, elegant paparazzi and supermodel strewn block, the new Bond Street has certainly changed. It’s with the new residents and visitors of the area in mind that Bond No. 9 sought to create this new signature scent.

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Launched a month ago, New Bond St evokes as bold, rich, oriental scent with three tiers of scents to create a complex and beckoning eau de parfume, that can worn by either gender.  First up you will note citrusy bergamot, pepper and dewy muguet, then you will smell the soothing cocoa, coffee beans and chestnut, and finish off with patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood and leatherwood. The culminating effect is scintillating.

And of course, no superstar scent can be worn without coming in a superstar bottle. This one is not to be missed, with a bold red and black leopard print bottle. New Bond Street (100mL) retails for $405 and the New Bond Street Swarovski Limited Edition (100 mL) retails for $485.

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