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Runway Fashion Week 2017 Healing Wooden Necklace

In a world where spiritual growth is becoming increasingly more prevalent, many of us are tapping into our personal energy and developing relationships with universal energy, manifestation and love. It is no coincidence that jewelry designer Rachel Brown crossed my path. My own recent journey has included connecting to my spirit guides, daily meditation to find inner peace and exploring manifestation as a means to bring love and light into my world. With all the negativity we experience through the news and other media platforms, we can all benefit from some spiritual exploration in our lives.

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Madonna wearing antique cross necklace with Kabbalistic Aramaic angels

I was recently introduced to the exquisite jewelry line by Rachel Brown, whose premise is “One Soul, One Love” and is said to connect her customer to a spiritual energy and draw powers from the Universe. Since one of my

style mottos includes transforming an outfit with the addition of statement jewelry or by laying multiple bracelets and necklaces, these designs accomplish that while bestowing meaning and purpose to the wearer.

Coveted by celebrities Madonna, Demi Moore, Jessica Pimental (“Orange is the New Black star”) and fashion designer Donna Karan, her unique pieces are not only trendy and beautiful, but also serve a powerful purpose.

Demi Moore in Kabbalah leather black cuff engraved with the Ana BeKoach which draws endless blessings from the upper worlds

Based on the teachings of Kabbalah, each distinctive design is engraved with kabbalistic meditations which are composed of 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. However, as Rachel explains, you don’t have to be a believer or follower to benefit from the positive energy. Just by scanning the engraved letters with your eyes “the energy will emanate to your soul and throughout your existence.”

Gold plated cuff with “unconditional love” Andre from The 72 Names of God

“’Love thy neighbor as thyself’ — this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is all about….the word Kabbalah means ‘receiving.’ Receiving everything we want and need in our lives. Kabbalah gives us the tools to have endless blessings of Light and Love in our lives. This ancient wisdom dates back thousands of years. When we learn the precepts of Kabbalah and incorporate them into our lives, we have a life that is connected to miracles and blessings.” Rachel Brown

Designer Rachel Brown

Over seventeen years ago, Rachel began her own spiritual journey in the form of Kabbalah teachings. As her life began to transform, she felt a calling to combine her lifelong passion for designing beautiful things with the spiritual fulfillment she was receiving through her studies. She started creating pieces that tied together her love of fashion, her gemology degree and the profound teachings. In fact, Rachel had an actual vision of her first piece — a cuff engraved with the 72 names of God crafted out of aged bronze to emulate something that looks like it came from an ancient archeological dig. The 72 Names of God (composed of 72 different 3 letter Aramaic letter sequences) are angel entities and are a dramatic combination that Moses used to part the Red Sea.

Behind the scenes photo in Rachel Brown’s Studio

When we scan the 72 names of God, we too can part our own personal sea in our life. This design is currently one of the key pieces in her ever expanding collection.

I visited Rachel in her showroom to learn more about her story and collection. I was expecting an interesting jewelry line, what I was not prepared for was the incredible amount of knowledge and information Rachel would share with me. Walking me

through her collection piece by piece, Rachel’s passion flowed as she recited the meaning behind each engraved design. I found myself wanting to take all of it home with me.

An exciting event took place furthering her presence in the design world.

“A few years ago, I was approached by the Jewish Museum Vienna and the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam who were collaborating on the first international exhibition ever on Kabbalah. This retrospective called “Kabbalah” traced the origins of Kabbalah which dates back more than 2000 years ago to today’s applications through art in modern day society. The curators of these two museums found my kabbalah inspired jewelry line and came to my showroom to select more than a dozen pieces that were on loan for this exhibition. The exhibition finally opened in October 2018 in Vienna and my jewelry as well as clips from my fashion videos in Madison Square Garden during fashion week were on view through February. The exhibition then travelled to Amsterdam and opened in March 2019 and closed at the end of August. The curators are hopeful that this exhibition will come to a museum in New York and travel worldwide! This is big news for Rachel Brown Jewelry to be considered as an “artist” with “museum quality work” and according to the curators, my work will now go up in value, past collections as well as future collections.” Rachel Brown

Star of David on Swarovski crystal chain

Each of Rachel’s pieces are either handcrafted by her personally in her studio or in a local shop with her custom molds. Her signature collection is composed on sterling silver light plated in 24k gold. She also favors bronze, copper, white alloy and leather. Her exclusive one-of-a-kind private collection features gemstones such as pearl, cameo shell, lava stone, hematite, pyrite, amethyst, rock crystal, quartz, black tourmaline, onyx, tiger’s eye and ruby.

Rachel Brown’s recent cross collection has been worn by Italian celebrities Joe Piscopo, Rudy Giuliani, Vincent Pastore “Big Pussy” from the Sopranos, and actor Tony LoBianco. Broadway leading man Andy Karl and his leading lady wife Orfeh have also been rocking her incredible designs. She also recently launched her newest spiritually inspired collections: Children, Names and Initials, Alcoholics Anonymous, Religious and Dogs.

“One Soul, One Love”, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, isn’t that what we all want? No matter what you believe, no matter what your religion – we are all connected to some form of a higher power AND to each other. Let our love flow freely and let’s bring some peace to this world.

Check out Rachel Brown Jewelry to select a design of your own.


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