O’o Hawaii Brings the Goodness of Aloha Spirit and the Region’s Powerful Ingredients to Integrative Skincare

Looking and feeling good doesn’t have to be complicated. O’o Hawaii focuses on keeping things simple to achieve its ultimate beauty goals of healthy, glowing skin from the inside out.

This product is both enjoyable to use and includes a tremendous amount of benefits for radiant skin. The brand focuses on health friendly ingredients to formulate a fresh new product, readily accessible to all. 

The brand is integrative skincare made to enrich skin by giving it the nutrients needed for anti-aging and protection against harsh environmental hazards of daily life, such as UV damage. Founder Holly Harding started the brand with her own beach and surf lifestyle in mind. An expert in integrative nutrition, she realized the disconnect between internal nutrition and external skincare, so she created a line with both skincare and oral supplements.

The cruelty-free brand includes a sustainable line that ensures that the natural resources of its functional ingredients are preserved and protected. At the root are antioxidants grown in Hawaii’s nutrient-rich, volcanic ash soil, exclusive Triple Boosting ComplexesTM, and real crystals from nature. Additionally, oral supplements for internal skin wellness include formulas and beauty supplements that are all non-GMO, vegetarian, and cruelty-free.

Giving back: The brand is named after The Kauai ʻōʻō bird, which is a member of the extinct genus Moho within the extinct family Mohodae from the islands of Hawaii. For every online sale, O’o Hawaii donates $1 to the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center Discovery Forest program.

Find O’o Hawaii at https://www.oohawaii.com, at Free People, Amazon and QVC.

For more information, visit https://www.oohawaii.com or contact nathalie@teamchicexecs.com.

About O’o Hawaii:

O’o Hawaii develops integrative skincare with Hawaii-grown antioxidants, sparkling rose quartz, and sapphire crystals. All products are non-GMO, organic, vegetarian, and made with aloha. The brand encourages and actively promotes the ethical treatment of animals, a predominantly plant-based lifestyle, and discourages factory farming. Hawaiian natives and people with Hawaiian roots can be found throughout the brand’s messaging, helping to spread awareness of the beauty and natural goodness of their beloved islands. Follow them on Instagram @oohawaiibeauty.


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