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Of course we all know the perils of health – clean eating (adopting some sort of sustainable eating plan), adding exercise and reducing stress in all forms (those darn free radicals are out to get us!) But how else can we optimize ourselves? A good place to start would be enhancing with the minerals and essential nutrients that are often depleted with day-to-day living that, regardless of age, get sucked out of us.

Check out these four companies that are doing just that…


You have probably heard of the term probiotic, but did you know there is a whole prebiotic component to a digestive system as well? Go figure! Lucky for us, Seed has looked into it.  After the birth of her child, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Ara Katz made it her mission to investigate just how bacteria would impact our health and the health of the planet. The Daily Synbiotic combines 24 clinically-studied probiotic strains (not found in yogurt, most supplements, or fermented foods and beverages) with a new class of non-fermenting prebiotic compounds for all things digestive.


What happens when the world’s leading scientists and nutritionists combine 100 years’ experience in the field of nutrition? They come up with a product so potent, it can only be deemed as ‘pharmaconutrition’. That is a nutritional supplement proven to prevent, improve or cure a condition. Enter LYMA, with eight ingredients that work effectively to deliver enhanced energy, better sleep, a feeling of calm, radiant skin, stronger hair and restores emotional balance. And who wouldn’t want that in their day-to-day living? Founded in 2018, by Lucy Goff after experiencing a tough labour with sepsis (Read: Can be life threatening), LYMA combines the science and nature to achieve best in preventable healthcare.

Paragon Vitamins

How often have you gone to the pharmacy and picked up a Multi Vitamin – thinking that you would be safe covering your bases? Meanwhile your urine starts to look like brightly colored soda because you are not really absorbing anything because it’s all a bit too much? While some companies can offer you a breakdown of your ancestral heritage using a saliva sample, Paragon Vitamins uses this technology to take the guesswork out of daily vitamins. Paragon Vitamins can identify your mineral deficiencies through hair samples and a quick online self- assessment. Receive your personalized, comprehensive wellness guide including your unique vitamin regimen recommendationa few weeks later. Then, order your personalized daily vitamin packs and get them shipped directly to your door. How convenient is that?


What can a company with a clever name offer in the realm of vitamins and supplements? Three products with a focus on balancing those fluctuating hormones: Top Up Tonic (a Multivitamin for women on hormonal birth control), Inner Charge (Hormonal regulation) and Hydrophoria (Collagen, Probiotic supplement).

Top Up Tonic recognizes those women who have lack essential nutrients and antioxidants from use of hormonal birth control and helps replenish those reserves while controlling bloating and aiding in digestion. Inner Charge and Hydrophoria are broad-spectrum supplements made for all. They can be used as a dynamic duo to help reduce inflammation and improve gut health overall.








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