Paddle For Humanity in Montauk This Summer!

If you’re heading out East to the Hamptons this summer, you should think about participating in the Paddlers for Humanity event in Montauk!
Photo Credit: David Vaughan
Photo Credit: David Vaughan
Paddlers  for  Humanity is holding their 11th  Annual  Block  Challenge at the Montauk  Lighthouse (2000  Montauk  Highway) on Saturday, July 30th from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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What To Expect
The  annual 18 mile  open  ocean  paddle  from  Montauk  to  Block  Island,  dubbed  the  “NYC  Marathon  of  The  Hamptons,” has  been  the driving  force  behind  the  success  of  the  organization. They have generated and donated more than $1 million to projects and programs dedicated to bettering the lives of the children on the East End of Long Island.
Photo Credit: David Vaughan
Photo Credit: David Vaughan
Who are the Paddlers For Humanity?
Paddlers  for  Humanity  is  an  all volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-­profit  organization  based  in  East  Hampton, NY, dedicated to bettering  the  lives  of  children,  with  an  emphasis  on  supporting  innovative  and comprehensive  mental  health  programs  for  kids  and  youth,  including  great  early  intervention  outreach,  resiliency,  anti-bullying  and  changing  behavior  through  a  focus  on  the  positive. The  P4H  Catastrophic  Fund  supports  families  in  crisis  on  the  East  End  of  Long Island.
Photo Credit: David Vaughan
Exclusive Interview with Co-Founder, Fred Doss

We got to talk to the co-founder of Paddlers for Humanity, Fred Doss, about the genesis of the organization, the inspiration for his charity, and what to expect on July 30th!

How did you come up with this amazing non-profit organization? Why paddling?

Fred Doss: “The first paddle occurred in August 2005. It stemmed from a desire to raise funds for causes and paddling was a natural focus. Ed Cashin, co-founder of Paddlers for Humanity, has paddled and taught paddling for years and he was confident that many of his fellow paddlers would be up for the challenge and for the effort to raise funds.”

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Photo Credit: David Vaughan

What inspired you to focus your charity on mental health for children?

Fred Doss: “Paddlers for Humanity is a pass-through organization, meaning we don’t run our own programs but instead give to other nonprofits that run programs.  Our mission evolved over the years to focus exclusively on programs that benefit kids (which of course also ends up benefiting family members and hopefully society at large.) Our goal has always been to have the most impact as possible and a few years ago we took the initiative to explore in detail how we could do that in an even more profound way.”

What do you think are the biggest challenges in improving the mental health system for children?

Fred Doss: “After speaking with community leaders, educators, parents and numerous others, the consensus was that there is a lack of mental health programs for kids on the East End. We are striving to fill the gap.”

Photo Credit: David Vaughan

What have been some of the biggest highlights from your years operating Paddlers for Humanity?

Fred Doss: “So many highlights. The paddle itself is a magical experience. To be in the middle of the ocean gives one an amazing sense of freedom. And to feel safe knowing our incredible support team is there and the camaraderie with other paddlers provides unforgettable moments.  The other main highlight for me is knowing we’re making a difference for kids who wouldn’t necessarily have the resources and support that we can help provide. The wonderful organizations we provide funding to are doing great work. I am always heartened to see the incredible dedication of the people who work at the organizations – teachers, counselors, administrators, etc.”

Photo Credit: David Vaughan
Photo Credit: David Vaughan

For  more information  about  Paddlers  for  Humanity and  this  event,  visit or email them at Also, you can follow Paddlers for Humanity on Facebook!

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