Pain Relief May Only Be a MELT Away…

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Your personal trainer may suggest you “roll it out” if you complain of muscle ache or tightness. For some, foam rollers are all the rage, but to others, they just hurt too much to be effective. That’s where somatic-movement educator and manual therapist Sue Hitzmann comes in.

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After decades of practice, research, and study of connective tissue science and complementary therapies, Hitzmann was intent on developing a self-treatment technique that helps people get out and stay out of chronic pain in just 10 minutes a day. The result is the MELT Roller, a uniquely designed soft roller made partly of memory foam so that it gently absorbs pressure to help rehydrate the connective tissue system – “not just ‘release’ tight muscles.”

“Restoring the glide-ability of the connective tissue – the supportive, flexible scaffolding that keeps muscles stable and balanced – takes a lighter touch,” Hitzmann explains.

Gentle Rocking

What’s distinctive about Hitzmann’s MELT Method vs. traditional foam rollers is that it manipulates connective tissue in certain parts of the body in order to release the entire system. “For example, although it’s called the Hand and Foot Treatment, the results of treating the hands and feet affect the entire body,” she explains. “And, although doing the Passive Shearing Techniques on the back of your thigh as we do in MELT can reduce the signs of cellulite, it also helps alleviate back and knee pain all in the same treatment.”

In addition to the MELT Roller, a MELT 3-DVD set and MELT Method Book Companion are available. Hitzmann, the founding member of the Fascial Research Society who also holds a master’s in exercise science, conducts MELT workshops in a variety of locations, including NYC (where she is based). She hopes to embark on a nationwide tour later this year. Visit for more information.

Box out: What Inspired Hitzmann’s MELT Roller?

“There was nothing else in the marketplace that was made to hydrate the connective tissue with the right amount of light pressure that The MELT Method requires. I was trying to simulate the same light touch techniques I was doing on my client with my hands. So after years of prototypes, I found the size and density of our MELT roller gave the most and longest lasting results. Although simple in appearance, the MELT roller is designed with very exact specifications for its intended purpose.”

Melt-Soft Body Textured roller

Hitzmann will soon be collaborating with New Jersey Institute of Technology to test MELT as part of a research study recently approved by the IRB (internal review board). The year-long study will show both long and short term benefits of self-caring using MELT.


The MELT Method Book has recently been translated into seven other languages.

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