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Pam’s Picks: The On-the-Go Gal’s Source for Style & Beauty

By Pamela Pekerman

My core philosophy for living a happy life is Always Be Your Best You. I don’t care if you’re PMSing, pregnant (that’s me now!) or post-menopausal … you should never let up on your style and beauty routine if you want to feel good about yourself and lead a successful personal and professional life.

To ensure you have no excuses when it comes to being well dressed and coiffed, a new crop of only-in-NYC, VIP services have popped up.



Opened in February 2014, Pucker is a makeup-only studio in SoHo that makes professional makeup applications easy and accessible. In approximately 45-minutes, you can have a full makeup application for $50,while a faux lash applicationis $20. All looks can be customized, but patrons can use the Pucker “Look Menu” as a guide.


To further enhance the experience, Pucker has a downstairs dressing room where you can store belongings, shower, change clothes, touch up your hair, even grab a drink in the kitchen. When you’re ready to head out, check out the “selfie mirror” and take photos of your fabulous self. Let’s just say I went to town in this little nook of well-lit narcissism!


Pucker is the brainchild of makeup artist Julio Sandino and business-savvy mom Hiyam McKelvey. After having her makeup done by Julio prior to an event, Hiyam wanted all women to experience the joy and confidence of looking flawlessand therefore feeling fabulous.


129 Grand Street, NYC, 212-334-3690,



What happens when your go-to hair stylist is sick, or you can’t leave the house because there is no babysitter option and you want to get your hair done? As the new saying goes, “There’s an app for that.”


GLAMSQUAD is the first app-based beauty service in New York that brings the blowout artist to you. Simply create an account, pick a service, choose a date and time and plug in your address. You can also book an appointment by filling out a form on their website. Appointments can be made as far our as 10days, or as tight to your deadline as 60minutes.


The convenience is essential in our fast-paced city. But what blew me away was the quality of styling. I’ve used the service four times, and each stylist has impressed me – not an easy feat considering I’ve been known to cry when my hair isn’t done to my liking.


GLAMSQUAD currently services Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, with additional areas being added. Prices are $50 for a blowout, $75 for braids and $85-$125 for undo’s.




A woman with chipped nails is like a man with bad body odor – intolerable. Sorry ladies, but it’s just unacceptable. Now, thanks to Manicube, you can squeeze in a mani even if you can’t get out of the office. Their team of licensed manicuristswill bring the nail salon experience to your company via a number of services, including a 15-minute Everyday Mani or 25-minute High Maintenance Mani. The latter includes basic manicure treatments, plus full cuticle cleaning and bonus hand massage. They even offer a Men’s Clip & Clean in 15 minutes. Service prices range from $12 – $20.


Online scheduling makes it convenient for customers to book, change and cancel appointments up to the last minute, so you don’t have to worry if your boss decides to squeeze in a lunch meeting. For further ease, transactions are cashless via pre-paying online or at the time of service with a credit card. And, what “salon” would be complete without magazines? All technicians bring iPads for clients to browse curated content – magazine articles, music and video clips.


For your next office manicure, tell your HR representatives or department heads to check out, or email to get their services established at your company.



Let’s say you want a specific Hermes Kelly handbag or Chanel cuff, but you don’t want the hassle of finding it on your own? Enter LXR & Co, a new boutique in the heart of SoHo that specializes in vintage luxury accessories. They will hunt down your desired item via their illustrious network of expert sources from around the world and share images prior to delivering it to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can visit their shop and check out the Birkin Bar. Be warned: You may be inspired to purchase more than you thought you would. I’m just saying!


Launched in 2012 as a pure e-commerce destination, LXR & Co now has a brick-and-mortar boutique in New York City and Beverly Hills. But it’s the luxurious convenience of having their personal concierge service that makes this accessories gal very, veryhappy.


112 Wooster Street, NYC, 917-580-0870,





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