Peace In The City


Marianne Williamson hosts weekly talks in NYC to discuss everything from fear to forgiveness to the attainment of inner peace

Oprah Winfrey dubbed her “one of the most influential women of the modern spiritual movement.” Now renowned author, speaker, and activist Marianne Williamson— whose famous supporters include Deepak Chopra, Eva Longoria, and Kim Kardashian—has brought the combined wisdom of her seven New York Times bestselling books to NYC to shine light on the darkest struggles of the human experience, both individually and collectively.

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“It feels wonderful to be back!” says Williamson.

Every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. at Marble Collegiate Church in Midtown Manhattan, Williamson arrives with a sense of poise and grace to a large crowd of eager New Yorkers who sit anticipating the sound of her stilettos clicking through the church corridor. Her vibe is a cross between posh fashionista and modern-day saint, and this crowd of enlightenment seekers are here for one of her famous lectures on the teachings of “A Course in Miracles,” a thought-provoking spiritual text that Williamson says helped her out of her own personal hell of depression and self-loathing in her 20s.

In the early 90s, Williamson wrote “A Return to Love,” a book that became a global phenomenon as a reflection on the teachings that articulate the power of love and forgiveness in a practical way. The book was published in 23 languages and spent 39 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, transforming the author into a spiritual icon in American culture.

“It’s simply a book about love—how to give it and receive it, how to forgive, how to be happy, how to find inner peace,” Williamson explains. “It’s common sense really, but given that the world we live in is so frightening these days, the search for love can be a radical venture.”

Williamson’s hour-long talks address our biggest personal struggles (fear, love, anxiety, depression), as well as our biggest collective struggles (hate, violence, war, corruption), and offer a shift in perception that allows one to navigate from a state of fear (which is any negative emotion) to a state of love (which is any positive emotion)—if you’re open and willing. Participants also have a chance to ask Williamson questions after the lecture is over, when she turns the mic over to the audience for a free-flowing Q&A.

“I’ve given weekly lectures for most of the last 34 years,” she says. “When I moved to New York [from Los Angeles] over a year and a half ago, I continued doing it because it’s just what I do. I lived in New York City for most of my 20s; in fact, it’s where I was living when I first became a student of ‘A Course in Miracles.’”

Now that Williamson is back in the Big Apple, it’s a full circle moment that New Yorkers can take advantage of weekly.

Her latest book, “Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment,” quickly hit the New York Times best-seller list, as well, proving this literary queen’s still got it. She now offers an online course teaching the basics of “A Course in Miracles.” She’s also holding a Miracle-Minded New Year’s Eve Weekend Retreat in Los Angeles on December 29-31, which will also be live streamed.

As for the future of her life and career, she says: “I hope to keep growing and learning in every way I can, so I can express myself more deeply to others.”


Every Tuesday at 7:30pm • Marble Collegiate (5th Avenue and West 29th, NYC)

$20 at the door, but no one is ever turned away for a lack of funds

Lectures are also available via Live Stream at

By Chad Schubert

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