Pledging to end world hunger: Food For Life Global

Food for Life Global (FFLG), founded in 1995 by Paul Turner, is the world’s largest vegan food relief organization with projects in more than 60 countries. As they pledge to stop world hunger many familiar faces have joined that pledge in the past weeks including, Mýa, actress Bellamy Young, actor Anthony Alabi, a former NFL lineman for the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs, and others. At just 25 cents being to feed one child, all FFLG meals are freshly cooked and highly nutritious. By serving only plant-based meals, FFLG is demonstrating how world hunger can be tackled in the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

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“By serving only plant-based foods and meals, Food For Life is actually demonstrating how world hunger can be tackled and combated in the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly way.”

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Bellamy Young

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“Food For Life is the world’s largest vegan food relief organization. They have programs in 60 countries. They serve over 2 million free vegan meals a day. Now, you know that I have been plant-based since 1988, so I can tell you that that is delicious.”

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Anthony Alabi

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“It’s a phenomenal program; they do so much for the world without killing a single animal. Each meal is prepared fresh, it’s clean, and it’s nutritious for everyone that they serve.”

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FFLG is excited to announce a unique partnership with the Milk and Butter Tokens, where individuals can give directly to charities through Crypto. These revolutionary tokens on the Binance network operate by utilizing a fee on every transaction. A portion of that fee is sent to the “Charity Wallet ” where investors can then vote on which charity receives the funds. A percentage of every donation goes to FFLG, and has since raised $70,684 in just under 6 weeks. That will help provide more than 500,000 meals to hungry children.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities to help serve food in more than 60 countries around the globe!

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