Power Breakfast at Hunt and Fish Club, Plus Ideas for Breakfast at Home

Hand shaking, deal making, and eggs?

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Move over power lunch. It’s all about the power breakfast, and the newest foodie favorite is Hunt & Fish Club located at 125 W 44th Street.

Hunt & Fish Club
NYC’s Hunt & Fish Club Restaurant

Executive Chef, Ben O’ Sullivan, formerly of Park Ave Seasons and ABC Kitchen, and Hunt & Fish Club founder, Eytan Sugarman, have co-created an array of culinary specialties for NYC’s early birds. For a savory dish try Everything Linguine, an elevated spin on the bagel version with meaty ribbons of smoked salmon, a cream cheese-based sauce, and garnishes of everything bagel spice topped with fragrant dill. If you have a sweet tooth, the Soufflé Pancake with vanilla, seasonal berries & fresh mascarpone will not disappoint.

And, while I’m not a big meat eater for dinner, let alone breakfast, I was surprised at how quickly I devoured the ‘Steak & Egg’ Raviolo, an oversized ravioli shell stuffed with spinach and runny egg yolk atop a perfectly cooked, filet of prime beef. Oh, ya, I went there. The proof is on Instagram @PamelaPekerman ! This was followed by a mini break, and then a sweet finish via the Soufflé Pancake.

Hunt & FIsh Club's Breakfast Menu - Steak and Eggs Raviolo
Hunt & FIsh Club’s Breakfast Menu – Steak and Eggs Raviolo

After my divine feast, I sat down with Executive Chef, Ben O’ Sullivan to talk chow for all you BELLA beauties looking for culinary inspiration for your next summer breakfast or brunch.

BELLA: I’m still salivating over the Soufflé Pancake. What is the secret to a perfect soufflé?
Chef O’ Sullivan: The Soufflé pancake is great, but the secret is all in the egg whites. There are three rules to egg whites: 1. Make sure they’re ice cold. 2. Don’t over beat them, but don’t under beat them either. They should look like shaving cream. 3. Egg whites never wait on you, you wait on egg whites. Have everything ready to go, and then start beating.

BELLA: What are some clever ideas for the at-home chef that wants to elevate breakfast beyond cheese omelets and French toast?
Chef O’ Sullivan: Mix and match. With food, there are no rules! I love smoked salmon, cream cheese, and especially everything bagels. I wanted it on the menu, but how would I make it better? The truth is, I just made it a little different. I tried 20 samples of salmon, a dozen different bagels, and ate bagels and lox at almost every spot I could think of. Then, I saw these guys blanching bagels, and adding the everything mix to them and all I thought about was pasta. That’s how my everything pasta came about. You can apply the same mix-and-match idea to other flavor combinations. Why not make an everything omelet? Eggs are particularly versatile. Once you find stuff you like, don’t feel obligated to only do it one way.

Hunt & Fish Club Breakfast Menu - Souffle Pancake
Hunt & Fish Club’s Breakfast Menu – Souffle Pancake
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