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Lip colors are huge this season. There is just something about sultry reds, rich plums, and power-packed corals that demand attention. However, with this attention comes a huge responsibility to keep your lips in check, making sure they are constantly in tip top shape. Think about bleeding, color saturation, teeth stains, peeling, etc. Yes, we have all been there.

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I am immediately reminded of the time I caught a glimpse of my plum-stained teeth in the elevator mirror after leaving an important meeting. Or when I returned home from a great date only to realize my lips were so dry that the lipstick had created somewhat of a tie-dye pattern, with the pigment sticking mostly to the dry skin on my lips. Attractive.

Understandably so, not every woman wants to (or has time to) maintain their lips all day long. I am sure that I am not the only one who has struggled with these lip issues; however, wearing a bold lip does not have to be so burdensome! Free yourself to wear your lippy confidently and significantly cut down on mirror checks.

1)      Scrub

Rid your lips of any dry skin by using a lip exfoliator at least once a week. Gently polish and buff away the dead skin using your finger or an old, gentle toothbrush.

2)      Hydrate

Immediately after exfoliating your lips, apply a hydrating balm or cream. Post-exfoliation is the optimal time for your lips to absorb moisture, but do not stop there! Applying the balm every night before bed will keep your pout smooth and soft.

3)      Powder

Powder the entire lip area with a pressed or loose translucent powder before you apply any color to the lips. The less moisture that surrounds your lips, the more defined your lipstick will remain.

4)      Line

Lip liner will help define your lips, and is so important to keep your choice of lip product from migrating outside the lip line. When rocking a bold lipstick, I find it best to choose a lip liner color that is closest to the natural lip color. You would be surprised how much a bright lip liner can alter the color of your lipstick. And unless you are going for an editorial ombre lip, the liner should be almost invisible.

5)      Apply

Apply your lip color to the whole lip. Blot with a tissue, and then apply again. Repeat two times. The first layer is working, in a way, as a stain. Once that pigment is applied, the second coat will appear truer and more intensified. Bonus: this will help your lip color last much longer!

6)      Clean

Use a Q-tip to skim away extra pigment from the inner rim of your lips. No more fearing the oh-so-embarrassing teeth stains.

You are all set to wear your bold lip confidently. Soak up that attention, and be ready to answer the question, “What color are you wearing on your lips?” With a well-executed bold lip, I guarantee you will be hearing that more than once!

Rachel Paul is a New York based makeup artist, encouraging and training women to be their most beautiful self. Follow @rosecolored_glasses on Instagram.

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