Practical Ways To Make Your NYC Apartment Look Bigger

Apartment living in New York City is the ultimate dream for individuals across the world, however, there’s one thing that many of these apartments have in common; they’re on the small size. According to RCLCO, the average NYC apartment measured 866 square feet between 2010 and 2016, a decrease of 24 square feet compared to 2000-2009. Financing a NYC home can be tough, so, once you’ve secured your dream place, you’ll want to find practical ways to make it look bigger than it really is.

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Nifty storage solutions

A cluttered home packed full of furniture and knick knacks will instantly make your NYC apartment look and feel cramped. Clever storage solutions are a great way of minimizing the number of objects in your home, while keeping your belongings neat and tidy. Opt for storage which double ups as seating such as a cube or a hope chest. Wall mounted storage is also ideal as it doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Also, it’s best to keep your home as clean and organized as possible as this will ensure it permanently appears larger than its actual dimensions.

Utilize glass features

Glass reflects the light and allows it to bounce off it. In a high rise city apartment, be sure to keep the windows clean and visible to allow as much light into your home as possible. Stylish pieces located strategically around your home can make your apartment appear light, bright, airy and considerably larger. Mirrors are a cost effective way to utilize the benefits of glass. However, a larger feature made from glass, such as a glass wall, will not only make your home look stunning and create a talking point, but, will also significantly open up the area that it’s situated in.

Clever hacks

Keep furniture away from the walls to create the illusion that the room is bigger than it truly is. When decorating, use light neutral tones, such as off whites, as this will ensure your home feels spacious and bright and will help to bounce light around the room. To prevent your home from looking swamped by bulky pieces, purchase an extendable dining table which can be neatly folded away when not in use and hang your television on the wall instead of placing it on a freestanding stand.

Apartments in New York City are often on the small side. Therefore, homeowners and tenants should look to implement clever design features and pieces of furniture to maximize the space they’ve got and to make their home look and feel larger.

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