Prepare Yourself: PHD Terrace’s 15 Pound Spiked Hot Cocoa is Coming

Courtesy of Justin Levy

Stop what you’re doing right now and start a group text with your BFF’s, because PHD Terrace is at it again! In honor of National Hot Chocolate Day (1/31), Midtown’s favored year-round rooftop bar is launching the newest edition of their favored 15  Pound Spiked Hot Cocoa from last year – the 15 Pound ‘Cup of Flaming Red Velvet’ Hot Chocolate – created by renowned Corporate Pastry Chef Paola Marocchi. ($125)

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The 15 lb. over-the-top spiked beverage for ten, melds the rich flavors of red velvet with decadent Valrhona dark chocolate to satisfy your palette while the bourbon warms you up from the inside out. Giant toasted marshmallows with winter-inspired decals float freely in the drink and is served with a tower of mini home-made cupcakes and a spoonful of homemade frosting. Is this real life?

Officially available on January 31st, through the month of February, the shareable drink is torched into flames table side for that perfect photo moment that chilly winter months call for.


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