Pretty in the City: Get the Perfect Pout

Whether you hate ‘em or love ‘em, the Kardashians are surely at the center of the culture zeitgeist, and more importantly, the epi-center of all beauty trends. The youngest of the clan has set off a tidal wave of girls and women obsessing about their lips that has been seen worldwide. Kylie Jenner’s lip liner du jour sold out companywide in a matter of days and phones have been ringing off the hook for lip augmentation consults.

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Before jumping on the lip craze trend, however, you must do your research (and whatever you do, do not try the Internet-fueled Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge). More importantly, pick a board certified, reputable plastic surgeon. Here at Bella NYC we got the inside scoop with famed New York City, Fifth Avenue plastic surgeon, Dr. Barry Weintraub in his glamourous, chandelier-clad office. Fancy! All in the name of beauty, of course.

With more than two decades of experience performing cosmetic plastic surgery on New York’s elite Upper East Side (with a summer location in East Hampton, NY), Dr. Weintraub provides a cutting-edge approach to all treatments, not just fillers, using the latest minimally invasive, non-surgical, and short-incision techniques to provide the maximum benefit to his patients. Additionally, if utter privacy and discretion is what you are looking for, Dr. Weintraub has a surgical and recovery facility on site at his Fifth Avenue practice.

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So Let’s Talk Lips!
There are very important facts to know before jumping in, such as the type of filler you will use. Dr. Weintraub suggests either Juvaderm XC or Belotero for the softest, most natural-looking lips, since they are thinner formulas in contrast to Voluma, Sculptra, or Radiesse, which should be used in other parts of the face like the cheekbones.

The second most important rule is the rule of thirds. What does this mean? It means, generally speaking, that your lower lip should be two-thirds larger than your top lip. Of course, each case is discussed and no stock template consultation is given to any two patients.

Lastly, the shape that you are looking to achieve, whether you want a natural pout, upturned edges, a fuller pucker, or just simply replenishing what has been lost with age, it is important to discuss all expectations beforehand. Dr. Weintraub takes the time to go through every step so each patient walks out thrilled.

Biting Into the Fear Factor
If it is the pain that scares you, put your fears to ease; Dr. Weintraub provides numbing cream and for extra jittery patients (myself included) pre-procedure, in-office medication to calm your nerves. Also, he is one of the few plastic surgeons who imports needles from Japan, which are actually acupuncture needles with holes at the end to ensure the thinnest needle and pain-free way to inject a filler.

And if the risks concern you, rest assured that there aren’t many if you choose a highly trained plastic surgeon (as you always should – research is mandatory!). Of course: You should never take medication before any type of cosmetic injection without consulting with your doctor. If you are unsure, call ahead! Lips are highly vascular (meaning they have lots of blood vessels!), so there is always a chance of a bit of minimal bruising.

If you are ready to dive in, the cost varies from a few hundred dollars up to $1500 per treatment. Dr. Weintraub’s expertise comes in at $950, and personally speaking, we think it is worth it. Move over, Angelina Jolie!

Box out: Want to look like your favorite celebrity?
You can always bring in a picture but ultimately, your doctor will decide what is best for your face. Dr. Weintraub is truly an artist in this arena, taking time and crafting your dream pout. He even invites all patients to come back a week later to discuss the outcome and add more filler if a patient wishes, complimentary of course.

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