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Pretty In The City: Luxurious Products Fit for a Royal

Royal fever is in overdrive this year: Not only is there a new addition to the royal family, but all eyes are on Kate Middleton as she proves her flawless post-baby beauty once again. Luxurious products are in, especially with a regal flair. However, you don’t have to be in line for the throne to earn your own royal moment.

These beauty products are fit for a queen, rejuvenating your skin for the fall season.

Handcut For a Princess: Bite’s Butter Crème Lipstick

Regular lipstick will not do for a regal relative, what about a hand-cut lipstick? To achieve the creamiest lipstick, BITE developed a technique to hand cut each bullet, removing the outer waxy layer to expose each lipstick’s impossibly creamy core. And, it’s infused with five nourishing, aromatic butters, including lavender, shea, almond, pomegranate, and chamomile. $28,

Get the Regal Glow: Tatcha Camellia Gold Oil

With 24-karat flakes in the Camellia oil, paparazzi will be on your trail. Create an irresistible glow as your skin catches light beautifully from every angle. The light and rich oil can be lathered over face, hair, and body, offering complete refreshment from the licorice root extract bamboo, while the green tea fragrances transport you to the countryside. $95,

The Holy Trinity of Anti-Aging: Carita Perfect Cream Trio of Gold

Be a queen while looking as youthful as a princess with the ultimate solution to aging skin. The cream is the jewel of a perfect balance of science meets gold, with the ability to target all causes of aging. $370, Park Hyatt Spa Nalai NYC,

Stay Posh and Polished: Tatcha Silk Cleansing Cloth

Silk is the epitome of luxury and key to keeping your skin pristine. This 100 percent pure silk cloth gently exfoliates, removing dull skin cells to uncover smooth and lustrous skin.  Say goodbye to rough washcloths and treat your skin as a princess would.  $18,

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