Real Talk with BELLA: Dr. Courtney A Female Force in Healthcare

A true healthcare visionary, Dr. Courtney is a powerhouse female orthodontist turned entrepreneur in NYC, breaking glass ceilings and setting new industry standards in this male dominated field with SmilePop.
Dr. Courtney is a fearless businesswomen who, in the face of adversity, refused to give up on her vision: bring glamour, quality service and female comradery into the doctor visit experience. A Midwest farm girl at heart, she persevered through male superiors and peers dishonoring her skill and value by dealing lower salaries, failure to pay for services and overlooking her eminent skills. Her experiences pushed her to create an interactive & luxuriously brand narrative that’s unapologetically female (something seemingly nonexistent in the world of dentistry and orthodontics), catching the attention of pop-culture’s elite.
International Women’s Day pushes the world to honor powerful women, highlighting outstanding role models and eliciting bold yet impactful goals. Is this something you’re interested in exploring? Happy to send through additional info or set up an interview with Dr. Courtney to discuss how she maintained an ambitious spirit that helped her over come challenges and create a strong sense of female empowerment.
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