Real Talk with BELLA: Relationship Expert + Humorist, Lauren Peacock

Best-selling author, relationship expert and humorist, Lauren Peacock, launches The Divorce Case (TDC) subscription box, the next project from the creative multi-talent. The new subscription service makes the perfect gift for loved ones who are separated, divorced, or in the midst of a divorce. Peacock thoughtfully designed the box to include products that helped her get through her own divorce experience. “I created The Divorce Case because I remember what it was like going through a divorce. I remember wishing I had certain things readily available when I was feeling sad and alone. Most people don’t realize that divorce can suck the life out of someone, so even trips to the store can be a big deal. Throw in Valentine’s Day and, oh yes, a worldwide Pandemic and you can see why you or someone you know would welcome this,” says Peacock. This is no standard subscription box: the monthly subscription also includes exclusive membership access to Peacock’s private online Facebook community, titled “The D-Deck” (yes, the “D” is for “divorce”), which will feature a weekly column filled with her own humorous and heartfelt advice about dealing with divorce, a curated list of viewing and reading materials from trusted sources, and an occasional guest speaker, as well as a private space to interact with fellow members of the TDC community.

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