Recipes From The Tahini Goddess: Chunky Monkey No Bake Brownies

“The Tahini Goddess” Shares Her Delights

Chunky Monkey No Bake Brownies

Sally SchimkoThe Tahini Goddess, literally “stirred her way through the pandemic” and succeeded having grown a business that she launched in February of 2020. Sally loves experimenting in the kitchen and is always concocting new recipes for herself and her family that are oh-so-simple and delicious!

These are Sally’s fave go-to treat or dessert and the beauty is that you can eat many of them without feeling awful the next day as they are made only with bananas, almond flour, and tahini – all good for you ingredients! If you take the time to savor and enjoy, the healthy fats in the tahini will fill you up and nourish you, and the sweetness of these no bake brownies hits the sweet tooth craving perfectly.

Get cooking with Sally as she shares some of her oh-so-simple and delicious recipes with BELLA…

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Chunky Monkey 3-Ingredient No Bake Brownies


  • Two mashed bananas
  • One cup almond flour
  • 1/2 cup chocolate tahini, silan tahini, or peanut butter tahini


“I used gluten-free granola, but you can also use nuts, chocolate chips, or any of your other favorites.”


In a medium mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, mix, and pour into a nonstick brownie tray. Put in the freezer for two hours before serving (or as long as you can resist before having to take a bit!)

Note: keep in freezer – enjoy!

Sally also loves sharing her go-to beauty tips, skincare routines, hair product favorites, and fitness tips on social media. Read more about TheTahiniGoddess.comor follow her on Instagram.


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