Restore Hair Loss Organically

It does not discriminate. It has no boundaries nor ethnic barriers. If affects both men and women, and age doesn’t matter. Hair loss not only causes recession of the once lush locks we loved to flaunt, but it can also dramatically reduce our self-esteem.

For so many of us, hair is an extension of our personality. We express ourselves through the color of our tresses (God-given or professionally produced), whether we wear our hair cascading down our back, or cut close to the nape of our neck – and the all-time stage-setter – bangs or no bangs! But when the hair starts to wane, thinning from our temples or crown, no matter what your personal style – it’s a sad awakening!

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Fixes are not ideal: there are lotions, potions, and pills, sometimes painful PRP injections and possibly the most dreaded of all remedies: the wig. But one Manhattan self-made hair “king” has the key to unlock the fountain of youth. He calls it “Restore” – and he says it’s liquid gold.

Hair master extraordinaire for decades, Julien Farel, proprietor of the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in the Loews Regency Hotel, worked with an Italian science lab for five years, when he was startled at what he saw on his pillow. “I woke up one morning and saw clumps of hair on my pillowcase,” recalls Farel. “I had always had such thick, full hair, I just couldn’t go bald!” He remembers saying to his wife and CEO, Suelyn Farel. But at that time, there were very few options for people losing their hair. “I wanted to end the hair loss cycle – once and for all,” he says.

His research led him to the root of the problem – the scalp. An unhealthy scalp – with a dry foundation or lacking nourishment, will never yield a healthy head of hair. Quite the contrary. It will instead cause follicles to die (due to lack of moisture and necessary vitamins) which will in turn cause the end-result – slow and steady hair loss. The main culprit, says Farel, is everyday shampoo. The lathering and over-drying smorgasbord of current shampoo offerings on the market promise various results – but all have one thing in common: they lather. “The lathering of shampoo is the essence of the problem, using detergents that are too harsh for the scalp,” says Farel. The data proves it too. His A2B technology, an advanced delivery system, ensures bioactive ingredients penetrate scalp during a hair wash while it’s being infused with powerful anti-aging agents like hyaluronic acid and resveratrol.

So, years of research, test trials and unrelenting dedication drove Farel to create the Restore line – an all-in-one shampoo and conditioning treatment for the hair – promising to “restore” your hair’s current state and reverse the clock on scalp damage lying beneath. It’s been proven to help cancer patients who’ve lost hair due to harsh chemotherapy, reverse hair loss in women dealing with pregnancy or menopausal hormonal hair loss issues, and also help men (even in their late 20’s) stop hair loss by replenishing what was once there.

Seventy-year old cancer survivor, Cheryl Lefkovitz, says Restore shampoo gave her hope when life itself had not. Diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2018, she sought Farel’s advice, who had been her hair stylist for years. She knew she had the wherewithal to battle her disease, but the threat of going bald made her stomach turn. Even into her golden years, she had never had a gray hair in her life – and the thought of losing her hair was too much to take. Farel immediately encouraged her to only use Restore when washing her hair, and to her surprise (and her doctor’s) the hair loss was minimized dramatically.  Lefkovitz never fully lost her hair after many months-long chemo series. Her doctor said her results were, “Like those never seen before.” What’s more, her hair grew back in rapid-speed and in mint condition.

Farel has made the war on hair-loss his mission, as it’s his passion to help the world maintain the integrity of their hair. “Restore should be something everyone has access to,” he explains. “No one should have to go bald, no matter what their lifestyle. Hair is a beautiful thing. We spend so much time taking care of the skin on our faces, now it’s time to pay attention to the rest of the head. The scalp is a foundation we must nurture, or we will be left with nothing.”

By: Dr. Robi Ludwig


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