RIOULT Dance NY: Inspiring Others Through Movement

A true dancer is not only an athlete, but is an artist who expresses emotion within his or her movements and relays a message to the audience in an effort to inspire other creative minds. One does not have to be born with the skill, but rather encompass the strength and passion to share this form with the world. These are the beliefs that acted as the driving force behind the ambitious Pascal Rioult.

It was 1981 when Rioult was granted the opportunity to study modern dance in the United States, and left France to do so. He shared his talents with various troupes before being asked to join the prestigious Martha Graham Dance Company. Not only did he perform as a principal dancer, but Graham even created a lead role for him in her ballet titled “Eye of the Goddess” in 1990.

Rioult’s love for dance and growing success encouraged his idea to start his own company, where he could establish a choreographic style of his own and share his extensive knowledge with a dedicated group of dancers. RIOULT Dance NY was founded only a few years later in 1994.

RIOULT Dance NY is a modern dance company devoted to bringing the artistic works of Pascal Rioult to life. Although based in New York City, the company tours both nationally and internationally with a group of dancers unique in their own right. Each dancer is truly passionate about his or her craft, and brings that energy to the stage to create an unforgettable performance every time.

To date, RIOULT Dance NY has premiered at a number of locations throughout North America, including Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors (New York, NY), the Annenberg Center (Philadelphia, PA), and Zellerbach Hall (Berkeley, CA), just to name a few. They have even traveled to France, the birthplace of the founder himself, where they performed at the Cannes International Festival among other locations.

What makes RIOULT Dance NY so remarkable is that the company strives to give back to the community through its passion for dance. In 1997, the ensemble began an in-school arts education program called DanceREACH in order to stimulate the minds of young students and give them the opportunity to indulge in self-expression. Since then, DanceREACH has motivated thousands of youngsters and has impacted the lives of community members as well. This program is offered to students from elementary to high school throughout the New York metropolitan area, as well as internationally when the company is on tour.

RIOULT Dance NY also offers a number of workshops and classes for those interested in the art of dance, some of which will be held at the Kaufman Arts District in Astoria. For more information, visit, and see the company perform at the Joyce Theatre from May 30, 2018 to June 3, 2018.

By Kelly Bellucci

Photos by: Erin Baiano (top), Sofia Negron (bottom)

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