Seal Team’s Toni Trucks talks Self-Care + Giving Back

The Seal Team’s Toni Trucks has been working off screen with Military Made, a curated box made entirely from brands owned by Veterans and Military Spouses. Not only is she working with this amazing organization but she is using her platform to promote self-care.

Toni told BELLA about her TV work, and how she is giving back off screen…

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Tell me a little about yourself, how are you using your platform to promote self-care?

Self- care has many faces to many people– which I love. I usually focus on the activities that make me feel good on the inside when it comes to my platform. For me, that usually translates into sharing my traveling adventures.

What does self-care mean to you?  

One of the wonderful things about self-care is that it can spill over beautifully into doing things for others. I have a tendency to be a bit solitary when recharging my battery. I love quiet, stillness, and space to hear my thoughts and move at peaceful pace. But the time I carve out for myself can really be complimented in the care for others. It’s a balance. For example, baking for my friends can bring me just as much joy as an afternoon at the beach or a Pilates class. That also could just be my Midwestern spirit showing.

How did you get involved with Military Made?  Can you tell us a little more about that project? 

My manager brought Military Made to my attention, and after speaking with them we thought it seemed like a really unique opportunity to collaborate.  Military Made assembles boxes of products that are 100% created by Veteran or Veteran Spouse owned businesses. With that in mind, I curated a family themed Fall box for Military Made.  All of the items I chose are meant to bring people together and to remind us of how wonderfully diverse and creative our Military truly is.

Can you tell us what we should expect from the new season of Seal Team?  

With our move over to Paramount  Plus on Nov 1st, the gloves are off for SEAL Team. We have a new grit and freedom in our storytelling this season which is really exciting. Season 5 dives deep with all the characters. I’m  looking forward to people being able to binge past episodes and see the fresh stories each week all on one platform.

Do you have anything our readers should be on the lookout for? 

Yes! I just finished filming a beautiful special with the Army Field Band in Washington D.C. It will air on CBS directly following the Army Navy Games on Dec 11th.

Is there anything else that our readers should know about you or what you do? Are there any causes or philanthropic organizations that are meaningful to you?

I come from a family committed to social justice issues. Something that has translated into my adult life is in the fight to abolish the Death Penalty.  I am extremely proud to serve on the executive board of the Death Penalty Focus here in California.  I hope we see this barbaric  practice finally ending in my lifetime.

Seal Team returned to CBS on October 10 and will move to Paramount+ on October 31.


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