Self-Defense Doesn’t Have to Be Aggressive


While this world has many opportunities of pure beauty within it, and those are for you to find perhaps alongside those you love, we all know that difficult circumstances can befall us from time to time. Being a strong, independent person can sometimes be hard to do when met with difficulty like this, but that doesn’t mean this is in any way less important than it might have been. It’s in these moments that we may wish to implement our variety of self-defense to understand how we might best act in the presence of danger, or when not accepting a difficult circumstance that has unfairly befallen us.

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Self-defense needn’t be visualized as something aggressive, but something you do with justifiable self-understanding and a willingness to seek resolution. These are rather vague terms, so let us put them in a concrete context, and help you learn how to look after your emotional and mental health by doing so:

It’s Okay To Deem Things Unacceptable

It’s extremely easy for us to feel like we are the problem. In a way, this is quite a responsible manner of looking at things. We know that looking at ourselves as the root of an issue can help us overcome it in our own manner, because often we are the only variable we have control of. However, sometimes that’s just incorrect, no matter how decent of a person we’re being. For example, it might be that developing a good personal attitude towards a work injury can make you avoid using important personal injury lawyers to gain the compensation you need. No, it’s okay to deem things unacceptable. You deserve to have the confidence to express your true opinions of something, especially when someone is verifiably in the wrong.

It’s Okay To Raise An Issue

It’s quite okay to raise an issue. Doing so can prevent something from being a problem. For example, if your boss at work is overworking you, or perhaps not providing you with the right safety equipment, and keeps pushing aside your complaints to the side when you try to bring an issue up, you have every right to tell him why he’s wrong, and report them if necessary. It’s okay to raise an issue, because sometimes keeping quiet can mean you have to accept something you really shouldn’t be, no matter how decent you are trying to be.

It’s Okay To Serve As An Example

We often look to those we admire as being those who manage to speak up, who serve as an example, and make their ideas known. Sometimes, self-defense is in serving as this example, because expanding your expression is much more important than allowing it to be compressed over time. Speaking up about an issue, contributing your original idea, and never giving up on your beliefs can be the strongest sense of self-defense without aggression, because the smartest defense is a smart offense, and that goes for work, relationships, and how we form our very identity and self-respect.

With these tips, you’re sure to defend yourself intelligently.


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