Up Your Self Esteem! How To Improve Your Body Image


Master One Technique

If you feel pretty clueless about how to make yourself feel more confident in your appearance, then spend a couple of hours mastering one technique. No matter what it is, if you’ve got it in your arsenal then it’ll be sure to make you feel better about yourself when you do it every day. Maybe you want to spend a couple of evenings learning how to blow dry and curl your hair perfectly, or you want to learn to do the perfect liquid eyeliner cat eye. Perhaps you want to perfect your HD brows (get them threaded first so you can see what shape they should be!) or you want to learn to give yourself the perfect pout with lipstick – no matter what you choose, being confident that you know how to do one thing will make you feel great. Image source

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Get Fit And Healthy

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If you sometimes have a lack of confidence in your body then it’s time to get more fit and healthy. Start walking more, if you don’t feel confident enough to go to the gym just yet, or try out Couch To 5K. You can find yoga videos on YouTube that you can do in the safety and privacy of your own home – this will help to increase your spiritual health as well as your physical health! If you don’t tend to make your meals from scratch, that’s also a change you can make as shop bought meals that you heat up in the oven or microwave often contain way too much salt and sugar. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet including food from all the food groups and plenty of leafy greens like kale and spinach – and remember, everything is fine to eat so long as it’s in moderation. If in doubt, cut down your portion size. Even if you don’t start losing weight immediately, you’ll definitely notice an increase in your stamina, strength and flexibility – and feeling the new power and ability of your body will help you to love it more.


Invest In Classic Fashion Pieces

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If we’re all completely honest, disposable fashion will never look great. Not only has it usually been made cheaply, but it goes out of style way more quickly than you might feel comfortable with. The low prices are there for a reason! Instead of buying multiple items of cheap clothing, why not save for something more expensive that will really last and that will look good for a long time? It’s especially good to splash out on classic items like leather jackets, good bags, great quality boots and winter coats – they’re the items that you really want to last for a long time and that will look more noticeably cheap than other items. Cheap t-shirts are a lot more indistinguishable from expensive t-shirts than cheap boots are from expensive boots!


Take Care Of Your Skin

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Even if you don’t love your weight, you’ll soon find that if you take care of your skin then you’ll feel a lot more gorgeous and luscious. Apply a moisturising body cream after you’ve been in the shower and just before you go to bed – one way to make your skin smooth and soft is to moisturise your whole body every night, from your cracked heels to the backs of your hands to your face to your arms and legs. Even if you might slip out of bed, it’ll be worth it! During this time of year especially it’s important to take care of your skin. Don’t stop using sunscreen just because it’s cold – the sun can still damage your skin so you should apply sunscreen before you put your makeup on, along with a foundation with a high SPF. Use moisturiser every day and make sure you remove all your makeup before you go to bed at night. Keep drinking water and make sure that you stay hydrated to give your skin plenty of gleam and glow.


Try Cosmetic Solutions

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If there’s something about your body that you’ve been unhappy with for a long time, there is absolutely no shame in doing something about it. Cosmetic surgery can get looked down on but the truth is that it’s basically just a slightly more extreme version of hair or lash extensions, which plenty of women have and love. If you’ve always wanted a breast augmentation or a nose job – known as rhinoplasty to those in the know! – then talk to a reputable company like Chau Plastic Surgery to see how you could change yourself. You should make sure that you talk to a therapist first – and remember that cosmetic surgery won’t solve your self esteem problems over night.


Be Comfortable In Your Clothes

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Remember that the most important thing about what you’re wearing is that you feel comfortable in it. Make sure that you emphasise your good points rather than trying to hide the parts of your body that you don’t feel more confident about. Sure, maybe you want to hide your upper arms – but think more about emphasising your tiny waist and you’ll feel much happier with your reflection in the mirror. Wear shoes that are comfortable – heels might make your calves look great but if you can’t walk in them properly then you’ll look like a foal that’s just learning to walk, and you’ll feel constantly nervous about the possibility of falling over. Someone who’s comfortable and happy in their clothes will instantly look better than someone who’s constantly trying to pull the hem of their skirt down.


Be Positive About Yourself

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Make sure that you use positive language about yourself. Before you leave the house, look at your reflection and pick out three things about your appearance that you love – your perfectly applied lipstick, your new shoes, your badass ripped jeans, the way you’ve matched your necklace to your rings, your bravery in wearing your new low-cut dress – the list goes on. Use positive language about yourself and surround yourself with positive people and you’ll feel great in no time.

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