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How Self Love is the Only Path to Real Love: Terri Cole’s Real Love Revolution


Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and transformation coach who has a slew of faithful clients—including many celebrities—who have experienced positive results thanks to her coaching, therapy sessions and meditations. Cole recently launched a new, exciting series called the “Real Love Revolution,” and we sat down with her to learn more.


From Talent Agent to Psychotherapist

Cole was a talent agent to the stars before becoming a psychotherapist. It was during her own personal therapy that she realized she could change her life and create a new path for herself. This inspired her to pursue her current career calling.


Top Tips from Terri Cole About True Love:


What Is the Real Love Revolution?

This 10-week coaching program was designed by Cole specifically for women to help them “rewire faulty beliefs” to find “real love.” The program includes weekly one-hour live streaming coaching sessions with Cole, meditations and journaling exercises.


The 5 Proven Pillars of Real Love According to Terri Cole:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Self-Knowledge
  3. Self-Acceptance
  4. Self-Compassion
  5. Self-Love


The Power of Meditation

Cole first got hooked on this practice after a meditation weekend with Deepak Chopra and Davidji. She started meditating twice a day for a year and her life changed. “Things started to fall into place with ease and grace, and I stopped reacting, gaining two to three seconds of response time in every situation in my life,” she explains.


How to Start Your Own Meditation Practice: 

  1. Create your own “Zen den”–a sacred space for meditation.
  1. Start small (one minute in the morning and one minute after work), and keep building.
  2. Follow one of Cole’s free meditations available on YouTube or her website,
  3. 4. Follow these two acronyms—RPM (rise, pee, meditate) and RAW (right after work)—created by Cole’s meditation guru, Davidji.


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Photo credit: Max Segura
Instagram: @TerriCole
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