Seniors in The City: Fun Things To Do in NYC

A growing number of senior citizens are choosing to stay or relocate to New York City for their retirement. According to a study, NYC is home to nearly 1 million residents 65 and older, which is the largest concentration of seniors in any U.S. city. Meanwhile, a 2015 census revealed that 9,359 Americans over the age of 60had relocated to the cityfrom other parts of the United States, while another 9,996 had moved to the city from overseas. While the city is often associated with the young and the intrepid, NYC actually offers seniors a lot in terms of cultural and arts opportunities. Another big draw of the city is its entertainment options, and there’s a wide variety of ways that seniors can spend their free time here.

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Why Seniors Are Retiring in NYC

While Florida and Hawaii remain as some of the favorite retirement places of older adults, NYC is now becoming a viable retirement option for many active seniors. Most seniors who move to the city are here because New York has been touted as “one of the global leaders” inadapting to the needs of older residents. Meanwhile, those who opt to stay in anassisted living facility in New Yorkcan also attest to the energizing effect of living in the city. New York was the first to join the World Health Organization’s global network of age-friendly cities, and now, there are lots of classes, amusements, and entertainment that seniors can enjoy. Here are some of the fun things that seniors can do in NYC.

Visit the New York Botanical Gardens

Thisiconic living museum features florafrom around the world, gorgeously designed gardens, and even gardening, photography, and arts and crafts classes that older adults will enjoy. Seniors with mobility can borrow wheelchairs free of charge on a first-come, first served basis, and there are plenty of areas where one can sit and admire the sights.

Go bird watching at Central Park

There are about 230 species of birds that can be found at Central Park, and seniors can borrow a free Discovery Kit from the Visitor Centers from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily to go bird watching. Each kit has a pair of binoculars, maps, a guidebook, and sketching materials.

Join a Meetup group

Seniors can meet like-minded older adults through, and here, you can learn about certain groups that you can join for various meetups in different locations in NYC. A few groups that seniors may want to check out are 60+ NYC young at heart, NYC Ladies Destressing with Color and Wine, Savvy Seniors of the South Shore, and Over Sixty.

Join a senior water aerobics group

Every summer, a number of NYC parks reserve many of their outdoor public pools for seniors 62 and over. Older adults can join water exercise classes, water ballet, or do lap swimming during program hours.

Apart from all these activities, seniors can also check out the latest Broadway shows or visit some of the most popular NYC institutions such as The American Museum of Natural History or the Whitney Museum. The choices of activities to do are endless, so find one that will keep you engaged and enjoy over and over again.

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