Should Women Really Wear Whatever They Want As They Age?


Have you ever spent way too much time rummaging through your closet to find the right outfit, you are finally ready and you walk into the room and you hear, “you aren’t wearing that tonight are you?” Or my favorite, “isn’t that a little too young looking for you mom?”

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Now before I get a bunch of comments how women over 50 can dress any way they want, age is only a number and all that good stuff, I’m 50 so this is my personal opinion only. You don’t have to agree. For me, as I personally get older, being a woman in business of a certain age, finding the appropriate outfit is sometimes a struggle for me. Can a woman as she gets older really wear whatever she wants? Sure she Can, it’s a free country. But should all woman over 50 wear whatever they want? Fashion for women over 50 20 years ago was certainly different. It meant retiring anything hip or trendy outfits to shop at Sears for polyester pants. If you worked in corporate or were in your own business, depending on the industry, men and women wore suits and dress clothes. The paradigm has shifted dramatically. You hardly ever see suits at all, and millennials have adapted to the dress down policy. I train many younger professionals and jeans is the popular thing. I am an entrepreneur, my expertise is coaching individuals on all aspects of money sales and business. So jeans are not always appropriate. I coach and work with a lot of millennial’s, I also interview young professionals, rarely are they dressed up and I find dressing chic but down is the norm.

In my business, I have to dress professionally to command respect from the individuals I’m coaching. If I am running a networking event,  can be more relaxed and hip, within reason. Obviously, I don’t want to scare anyone away with anything too tight or too short. One of the things I have learned over the years is that you may love someone’s style. You may love it and it can look amazing o them, but they aren’t you. I try to focus on styles and colors that look best on me, as much as I usually grab what I am attracted to at first. I try to practice wearing new clothes that come out when I can o see what I’m comfortable with. When my 17-year-old or my business partner tells me it’s cute, I keep it. If I get an ‘I don’t like that on you,’ it goes back. Since my business partner is a fashion guru and I am absolutely not, it’s usually a safe choice.

There’s nothing worse than being out and being uncomfortable in your own skin. I know, because I have done it to myself many many times. Even worse is looking at yourself in pictures afterward. Do I still make fashion mistakes, hell yes! But I try, and every now and then I find a keeper.

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