Shut Up and Cook With Erica Reid

Healthy living expert, Erica Reid, is also a hands-on mother of two and wife to legendary music mogul, L.A. Reid. Following her hit book inspired by her success in helping her children overcome food allergies, The Thriving Child, Reid has just debuted a new cookbook this week, Shut Up and Cook. This book was designed as guide to show readers how to create healthful meals that are both fun and easy to make. Each recipe only takes 45 minutes (or less!) and are broken down to adjust to your dietary habits.

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We were excited to sit down with her to learn about the new book and learn more about how she has successfully integrated cooking into her busy life

Inspired By Health and Feeling Good

What inspired you to write this cookbook?

“I was inspired by health. We live in a moment where health issues are more of an epidemic and instead of me feeding that epidemic, I wanted to help it. By helping people know they are not alone and that I am here to help in some simple way.  I want to show people how they can eat well and not be deprived by providing options, healthier options. It’s not the cooking part I love, it’s the results.  Knowing it’s home-cooked with extra love and leaving family and friends feeling good and well fed with food that sustains them and has positive reactions than the opposite kept me going and it still does.”

What does your normal workout/eating regimen look like?

“I do not love to workout, but I do love to feel good. I am learning that food and working out do go hand in hand. Therefore, I am a Pilates girl and an avid walker. I try to keep the heart healthy and strong and the blood flowing throughout my body often throughout the day by keep moving. Move more of the time being awake than sitting. I try to eat 90-95% clean the majority of the time. I try not to mix fruits and vegetables at the same time when eating and consume them separately most of the time, because the mixing can be hard on digestive system. I am human and I do like sweets. I love to eat the soy butter Rice Krispie Cups in Shut Up and Cook. Perfect size and I am always satisfied and without feeling any remorse about the pure indulgence!”


Erica Reid’s 5 Clean Eating Tips for Warmer Weather

1. Eat foods that are cooler and prepared more on the lighter side, no need to go heavy on comfort food during this time, do the complete opposite (ex; salads, sushi, fish, fruit salads, wraps)

2. Drink more homemade smoothies and homemade juices using as much fresh ingredients as possible. Like my Avocado Kate Smoothie.



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3. Experiment with new foods and new recipes!

Recipe: Mother Earth Collard Green Wraps

Nicole Garner Photography


4. Great time to be outside doing your grocery shopping- visit your local farmers market and get a large variety of vegetables and fruits. Take advantage of eating what’s in season and eating tons of vibrant, fresh foods.


5. Try making your own cooling dessert.

Recipe: Non-Dairy Strawberry Ice Cream

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Get the full recipes and more. Go to Erica Reid’s website to purchase the book today!


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