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Singer + Songwriter, Kate Cameron, releases new single with modern Nashville sound

Equal parts soul, grit, and grace, Kate Cameron’s distinct and unique vocal sound lands somewhere between her Boston roots and her Nashville idols. At times you hear her mirroring soul and rock vocalists such as Susan Tedeschi or Aerosmith, yet she also has the singer-songwriter sensibilities of those like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert. In 2015 Kate graduated from Berklee College of Music, earning a Bachelor of Music focused on Songwriting. Her time at Berklee allowed her to refine her musical chops before taking on Music City. Kate has been working in the Nashville music scene ever since relocating by releasing self-written and co-produced artist projects. Kate splits her time between Nashville, and South Florida.

Her latest single “Wait Up” is a modern Nashville take on a classic soulful feel.  The chorus reads, “I know they say a lady is supposed to wait for a man to call her baby, but I can’t take it, I know they say a lady is supposed to be chased…” is a campy yet bold message that somewhat mirrors back to a Shania Twain perception in a 90’s boy band era. The pop acoustic feel and soulful rhythms are played in to embody a fun and empowering song that gives the feeling of wanting to go out on the town.

“Wait Up” is being released October 28th


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