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Love the skin you’re in!

Beauty Director Janene Mascarella shares game-changing skin care essentials she recently discovered—and can’t live without!

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Sol de Janeiro’s newest addition to their cult-favorite body cream lineup, Beija Flor™ Elasti-Cream, is clinically proven to increase skin’s key building block–collagen–for skin that’s visibly plump, deeply replenished, and kissed with radiance. Inspired by the Brazilian term for hummingbirds (aka “flower kisser”), this dreamy cream kisses your skin with nourishment.



O Positiv’s RETRO Glowing Skin Gummy Vitamin are juicy peach gummies I never forgot to chew each day because they taste so delicious! The gummies are packed with clinically proven ingredients that support collagen production. My results: noticeably improved skin texture and a refreshed, radiant glow.



CicaLux’s Energized Scar Care is a patented, smart-wearable tech device that helps old and new scars heal better, feel better, and appear like before the surgery or injury. It works on all types and shades of skin, including those that tend to develop keloids. It’s really working wonders on my unsightly abdomen scar!



Braun’s Silk-Pro5 IPL is my go-to device for truly smooth moves. It’s a safe, fast, and effective at-home alternative to laser treatments. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal technology works beneath the skin surface by targeting the melanin, the pigment in your hair follicle, helping break the cycle of hair regrowth. Even better—this device does it in a flash!



FACTORFIVE’s soothing facial mask features a bio cellulose sheet mask based with a powerful blend of adult human stem cell factors combined with nourishing, natural botanicals like aloe, green tea extract, and hemp seed oil to help replenish the skin. I like to kick back and enjoy the soothing and cooling effect. It’s 10 minutes of much-needed glow time.



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