Sleepwell By Vie: The Ultimate Multi-Sensory Wellbeing Experience


In this busy world, where days are made to build our dreams and nights to celebrate them; where sleep is that rarity we can only day dream about, “me time” became extinct. It has been rendered the ultimate urban myth. Between, the hustle of the crowds and the howl of the angry cabs and exhaust, taking time to ourselves seems an arduous task. Luckily for us, the Summer Rooftop Pop Up, SleepWell by Vie– a multi-sensory wellbeing experience centered around the rituals of sleep – is popping up every Wellness Wednesday till September 25th at Hotel on Rivington on the lower east side.

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All set inside the hotel’s 3-floor, indoor/outdoor Penthouse Suite, rooftop movement and meditation sessions are scheduled in advance due to limited space and guests can enjoy the other amenities at their leisure. Admission costs $25 and includes access to:


  • Movement: A 30-minute Yin Gentle Flow session with sleep-centric postures you can do in bed to ease into slumber
  • Meditation: A 30-minute guided Vedic Meditation by Vie Founder, Julie Sacks with tools you can take home to fall asleep faster

Body Work: Mindful Massage + Stretch Lab by Zeel 

The Sleep Room: A nap den featuring the latest in sleep rituals, tools and technologies, including:

About the Brand
Vie Wellbeing is a modern wellness platform that partners with luxury hotels and other beautiful spaces to create multi-sensory wellbeing destinations. This season, Vie presents SleepWell by Vie: A Summer Rooftop PopUpcentered around the rituals of sleep. Because when one is well rested, anything is possible. Vie – A Modern Movement for Wellbeing.

About the Founder
Julie Sacks is a Certified Vedic Meditation Teacher and Founder of Vie Wellbeing. After years in corporate marketing, Julie found herself suffering from daily panic attacks. Through Vedic Meditation, she discovered the tools she’d been looking for to calm her body, mind and soul. Ultimately, Julie’s practice inspired her to trade in her corner-office job for wellness and teaching meditation as a full-time pursuit. Today, what started as outdoor pop ups across NYC has evolved into creating wellness destinations in partnership with luxury hotels, where Julie is able to share her life-changing practices with people all over the world.


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