Small Batch Hot Sauce Reimagined with Hot N Saucy

Slather on some Hot N Saucy to your favorite summertime meal and be prepared to love the heat! Add them as cooking sauces too. The versatility is sweat-inducing!

Created by chef Samantha Allonce, her three all-natural blends are mouth-watering and made with the experience of having worked in some of New York City’s best restaurants. It’s a  wonderful thing that came out of the pandemic! Her Jamaican heritage and unique ingredients are boldly evident in each blend. Garlic N Peperoncini is featured on the Season 14 lineup of sauces on Hot Ones. A nice endorsement by a hot sauce aficionado!

The chef-inspired offerings are hot and delicious with vegan options to please everyone. All sauces are vegan except for the Garlic N Peperoncini! These are so flavorful that you just don’t feel the heat, but can enjoy the spices that build on the flavor. Chef Sam uses fresh local ingredients, crafting batches every two days in a commercial kitchen for the most flavorful sauces made to upgrade each meal.

Made to dip your food or slather it on everything, you will be hooked! The eye-catching packaging is a reflection of the sauces and adds to their aesthetic. That won’t be the only thing you remember after tasting these hotties! They make a great gift pack for the hot sauce lover.

Garlic N Peperoncini – Fan favorite and #1 seller! Over 50,000 bottles sold. The iconic tang of Italian pepperoncini balanced with savory garlic and sweet honey has hotties raving. The cilantro gives this sauce its bold green color. Price: $10

Sweet Potato N Habanero – Get a fiery kick of habaneros with this uniquely sweet potato flavored sauce. It’s the spiciest offering. It pairs perfectly with chicken, shrimp, and fish. Price: $10.

Beet N Fresno – Sweet plus heat! It’s like a spicy ketchup, the medium spice level pairs well with chicken, tacos, and pork. Price: $10.

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About Hot N Saucy: Hot N Saucy is classic hot sauce, reimagined. Chef-inspired and curated in small batches with unique all-natural ingredients, the bright and colorful sauces give you the heat you want and need. Follow them on Instagram @hotnsaucyco.


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