Sober Curious? Here Are Some Drinks To Help You Ease In…

Whether you’ve been sober for a while or are simply interested in scaling back and trying something new, low- and non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, and that rise is predicted to grow by 5% every year. In fact, nearly half of all adults in the United States are trying to limit their alcohol habits. And why not? The health and beauty benefits of limiting your alcohol consumption are endless. But we all know what it’s like to be the only person at dinner or at a party nursing a water, or worse – a sugary soda. Luckily, the market has seen an increase in companies catering to the sober and sober curious communities. Non-alcoholic beverages don’t need to be boring or overfilled with sugar.

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Here are some of our favorites to check it for inspiration:

Curious Elixirs

This company’s mission is to “transform how we drink by making the world’s best no-alcohol beverages infused with plants that benefit your body.” Their elixirs are comprised of organic juices, herbs, and spices, that are expertly crafted to give you delicious booze-free drink options. They currently come in four different flavors: Curious Elixir No.1 is a riff on the classic Negroni, Curious Elixir No. 2 marries the Dark & Stormy with a pineapple margarita, Curious Elixir No. 3 is inspired by the Cucumber Collins and Bee’s Knees and Curious Elixir No. 4 is a twist on the Aperol Spritz.

All of these curious cocktails are low relatively low in sugar, and infused with natural plants and herbs that are good for you and your body. For example, you can find ashwagandha in Elixir No. 3, which helps to reduce stress and inflammation, and ginseng and turmeric in Elixir No. 4, which also helps you to de-stress. And while all of these can be enjoyed as is, they suggest pairing them up with select citrus garnishes to help enhance the flavor.

Casamara Club

Founded by Jason LaValla, this company focused on bringing the history and traditions of classic Italian amaro to a non-alcoholic beverage. These soft drinks are made with a combination of sparkling water, amaro bitters, herbs and spices, resulting in a complex, delicious drink. They come in four flavors; Alta, a “classic aperitivo-style soft drink, reminiscent of a spritz Negroni with notes of dark berries, fruity spices and bright pink citrus peel”; Onda, an “herbal limonata beverage in the style of Sicilian amaro, with notes of candied lemons and fresh sage with balanced salinity”; Capo, an “alpine soft drink made with the tradition of Italian mountain amaros with notes of fresh picked wildflowers, peppermint leaves and key lime acidity”; and Sera, a “digestivo soft drink similar in style to an Aperol Spritz, but with notes of cinnamon, purple flowers, strawberry candy and tart fruit acidity.”

Because of Casamara Club’s incorporation of bitters and herbs, these beverages can function as a digestive, or even a hangover cure. Plus, you can still use them as a mixer in your traditional cocktails, should you choose to.



Founded by clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist, and licensed acupuncturist William Siff, GodThread is a company that produces plant-based tonics that are comprised of herbs, spices and adaptogens, specially formulated to enhance your health and overall wellbeing. The brand’s goal is to help people drink more plants, and with their tasty flavors like Berry Power, Honey Rose, and Japanese Matcha, to name a few, it’s not a stretch. Each flavor brings its own unique ingredients to the table, offering different benefits such as stress relief, increase in energy and improved digestion.


Meticulously crafted by Ben Branson, Seedlip offers consumers the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. It’s a pioneer in the industry, and likely largely responsible for the booming success of non-alcoholic and low alcohol cocktails that are trending. They currently boast three different expressions: Grove 42, a blend of Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, lemongrass and ginger with a dry finish; Spice 94, a blend of allspice and cardamom with fresh citrus top notes to balance the long bitter finish; and Garden 108, a blend of peas and traditional garden herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and spearmint. Their website features an array of cocktails you can make using their products, but they are equally enjoyable on their own, or mixed with soda.


Formulated by a doctor and chef duo, SkinTē is the first collagen sparkling tea that packs in plentiful health benefits into a tiny can. Collagen, the ultimate beauty booster, helps with digestion, skin, hair, nails, joints, immunity, and so much more. And this bubbly tea has 3000mg of kosher collagen peptides packed in, along with super herbs, antioxidants, and organic brewed tea. The teas come in three tasty flavors — Green Tea Grapefruit, White Tea Ginger, and Hibiscus Vanilla.


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