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Social Starlets Define Beauty at BeautyCon NYC

BeautyCon NYC was filled with the masses, media personalities and social starlets: that have set the stage for “girls on the go” and inspired the digital revolution. And on stage, panel guest Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle Magazine, announced he was leaving print for digital media. Guests gasped at the mention, but in total excitement and validation. The digital influence was greatly felt as Joe Zee led the panel discussion on digital influence at BeautyCon.

Other celebrity personalities included Whitney Eve Port and infamous Creative Director of America’s Next Top Model’s… Jay Manuel. Jay led the “Fan Makeover Challenge” on the main stage, with some powerful personalities. Most notable was the new face of Maybelline and it girl P’Trique. Widely known for taking it to the next level, P’Trique introduced a strong brow with a Fan Makeover and tossed Maybelline Mascara into the audience. P’Trique got her start with a viral video about “**** things fashion girls say”: but on stage announced to Jay, she has a new show called “CRI-CHIC-ING”. What does Bella love about this? We love that it supports street style and “girl on the go”. P’Trique will drive around in a car during fashion week and holler out “CRI-CHICS”! Well, P’Trique… Holla back girl!

Another great Social Starlet on stage with Jay Manuel was Amy Pham: who describes herself as DJ/Host/MultiHyphenated Poop on Instagram. But Jay Manuel was quick to note her presence at Beautycon is due to her talent. And that’s nothing to poo-poo about! Bella loved her fan makeover and fab red lips Pham sported on stage.

Bella scavenged the floor at BeautyCon to find how companies are defining beauty through social media. Revlon handed out “Bold Lacquer” mascara in hopes that BeautyCon guests would take selfies wearing it, and post it to Instagram or twitter with the hashtag #FlashYourLash. American Apparel definitely appealed to our fashion foodies, as the two worlds collided in: donut, cheeseburger, pizza and soda “Junk Food” inspired swimsuits. A Bella fav was seeing the Mannequin posed beween two oversized slices of pizza… like “Venus on the Half Slice”.  But the social savvy was found with a “Donuttery” station, where nails got frosted in the hottest new colors for summer. And even bigger, was the American Apparel Sweepstakes: take a selfie and post to Instagram or twitter, for a chance to be one of ten lucky winners throughout BeautyCon!

Bella did not have far to go, to make it to BeautyCon: but twin sisters Coco and Breezy came along way from Apple Valley Minnesota to the Big Apple we know as NYC. They gave Beautycon Bella’s many ways to define beauty with Avant Garde sunglasses. Known for their celebrity clientele, Bella girls and digital darlings can really feel like social starlets in Coco and Breezy Eyewear. Both Coco and Breezy spoke at the later panel discussion of the day “Diva: The female version of a Hustler”, but I think their accomplishment as the face of Renault Eyewear says it all.

Social Starlets definitely defined BeautyCon NYC and influenced digital media. The internet has taken the best and catapulted them to stardom quicker than most avenues. Outside was a Yellow taxi with the BeautyCon logo. And although it wasn’t available to take you back home: it symbolized that Beautycon can take you places. It also made a great farewell selfie: but with a BeautyCon discount, Uber made the best way for this Bella to get home. For more on BeautyCon NYC and it’s Social Starlets, visit BeautyCon and keep reading Boston Scarlette at Bella.

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