Special Spotlight: Tomiko Fraser Hines

After years of fertility struggle, model, actress, life coach and motivational speaker Tomiko Fraser Hines finally realized her dream of becoming a mom when she welcomed delicious twin boys Kaden and Bryce in January 2013.

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Using an anonymous egg donor to conceive their sons, Tomiko and husband Christopher Hines are reveling in familial bliss. But the 46-year-old is now using her journey to inspire other women who may battle with infertility by supporting Fertility Planit to help raise awareness and provide solutions for those wanting to become parents.

Tomiko Fraser Hines and family

The organization, founded by Karin Thayer in 2010, is a social network for people to exchange ideas, purchase goods and services and share their experiences. It was born from Thayer’s own frustration in trying to get pregnant in her late 30s. The use of a sperm donor in 2011 resulted in the birth of her son.

The organization is a priceless resource for people who want to have children and long for families, and provides support that help them fulfill their dreams. It’s not just for people struggling with fertility, however, but also helps all would-be parents find their own path to having kids.

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