Spring Awakening – Skincare 411

By Dr. Robi Ludwig

Spring has sprung and along with the warmer temperatures and blooming flowers often comes blemishes. When the weather changes, so does our skin and according to medical experts, we need to not give our skin some extra TLC at the start of new seasons but ensure the rest of months are packed with deep exfoliation, proper cleansing, and anti-aging too. There are so many new and innovative treatments which promise incredible results, and each can be custom created to match each induvial need and skin type.

We spoke with one of the most sought-after medical skincare experts, Dani Causey, of Dani Causey Skin to unlock the secrets to looking great so we can all achieve our own “Spring Awakening.”

What should we be doing to manage our skin changes at the start of each season?

I am not as much of a proponent of “skin type” and changing up our skin regimen with the seasons as most skincare professionals are. Instead, I believe skincare regimes should be tweaked on an individual basis and some can be conducted all year round if the regimen is working for that particular person. Our skin does change from time to time at different periods in our lives (puberty, menopause, genetics, nutrition) – and that is the most valuable time to change things up.

What are your must-have products you use every day?

Retinol, which goes deep down into the dermis and helps to boost the production of elastin and collagen. This also helps to exfoliate the skin which improves texture.

  • Sunscreen – an absolute must especially when using Retinols. Most think that Retinols thin the skin but just the opposite is true. We are helping to promote collagen, thus thickening the skin – however, because we are shedding old, dead skin cells, sunscreen of fifty or higher is necessary.
  • Enzymes. Perfect for giving you an easy, quick at home glow without the potential side effects of a peel (which some people try to do at home). Enzymes munch away at dead, dull skin quickly and come in the form of pumpkin, papain, papaya, rice and other exfoliating ingredients and give the skin an instant glow and zero downtime.
  • I’ve also I’ve grown to love oils over the past 10-15 years. Oils are scary for some people who aren’t accustomed to putting an “oily” product on their skin or think an oil is going to break them out or wreak havoc on their skin but just the opposite is true. The molecules of an oil are smaller than that of a moisturizer, so oils tend to penetrate the skin more effectively and efficiently than your typical moisturizer. Also, oils more similarly mimic the natural oils in our skin, so they help to achieve better balance to our own skin and a lot get lasting hydration. My favorite: Rosehip Oil. Hydrating and reparative.


Tell us about microcurrent facial – which is being called a workout for your face?

A microcurrent facial consists of low-grade current that is used to “train” our facial muscles to appear more sculpted, toned, lifted and tight. This technology has been around for years – initially used for Bell’s Palsy patients and earning approval by the FDA. As it moved into the cosmetic world, it became a non-invasive and safe alternative for anti-aging. Mild, electrical currents and two probes placed on the face the tissue is stimulated between the probes. The probes re-educate the muscles by physically moving them into the new position – memory is gained and the new position is maintained.

Why is LED light so beneficial in skincare?

LED – Light Emitting Diode (which has been known to help NASA grow plants in space and assist in wound healing of Astronauts) contributes so much to the integrity of the skin. Depending on which color light is used, the effects can be remarkable. Blue is an excellent treatment for those with acne while green is said to fight pigmentation. Red light targets anti-aging and helps to stimulate collagen. For those suffering from rosacea and inflammatory issues, amber light is the way to go. This treatment is entirely safe too. There is no UV light involved.

What are the benefits of Microneedling?

Microneedling is exactly what it sounds like. Tiny needles. It is one of my absolute favorite treatments to perform. Why? As I explain to my patients – if you are looking for a quick, cost effective, minimally painful, little downtime, “wow” result – Microneedling is it. When patients want to improve texture, this is my go-to treatment. When we “assault” the skin with something like a needling device, we create a wound (in this case, we are piercing the skin). Our collagen and tissue are forced to rebuild, and new dermal tissues replace the old ones.

Why are you so enthusiastic about the field of medical skincare?

I got into skincare (while teaching preschool and working on my bachelor’s degree at WCU in Elementary Education) because it seemed like an amazing profession for someone who wanted to have children and be able to make their own schedule. I could not have children, however, unbeknownst to me, but I ended up with the best career ever. Being able to help people look good and feel good in their skin is one of the most rewarding things I could have chosen to do.

What is the difference between medical skincare and traditional skincare?

Medical skincare involves a level of care far and beyond that of anything I would have ever imagined, a patient/practitioner relationship that can last for years and be independent of a physician in some cases. Not to take away from the “spa” experience in any way, but medical aestheticians are able to administer treatments and products that non-medical estheticians cannot. Medical aestheticians have more of a clinical focus or as I like to say, “purposeful.” For example, laser treatments where the skin can be ablated, tightened, lifted, and toned and chemical peels where the epidermis can be manipulated or melasma is addressed. We can treat conditions such as rosacea, acne and in some cases perform post-operative skincare such as bruising and scars.


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