Spring Back In Shape After Taking an Exercise Break



If you pressed pause on your exercise routine over the winter, it is essential that you take a smart approach when staging your workout comeback this spring and summer. Dr. Josh Sandell, chief clinical officer, sports medicine specialist, and developer of Orthology, shares his top five tips for how to get back into shape, injury-free.

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  1. Set attainable goals. Consider your daily schedule to manage your expectations, and use this as an opportunity to make “life changes.”
  2. Start with low-impact exercises, such as the elliptical or swimming. This allows you to improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance before you start putting stress on your joints.
  3. If you’d like to start running, make sure to start slow. Increase your mileage by 10% a week and start with walk/run intervals.
  4. Write everything down. When you log into a journal, it is the best way to keep yourself accountable.
  5. Reward yourself. Set achievable milestones and treat yourself to something you want to help you stay motivated. Great ideas are workout accessories, such as new sneakers, gear, or headphones.


What Is Orthology?

If you usually go to a physical therapist when dealing with an injury, Orthology is a different way of achieving recovery from physical injuries and chronic pain. A multidisciplinary care team that includes physical therapists, soft-tissue specialists, sports medicine specialists, and chiropractors delivers treatment. “I founded Orthology after recognizing that traditional care simplifies these injuries to their single components, which neglects the fact that our body works in systems,” explains Dr. Josh Sandell.

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Sandell developed the methodology over 15 years of work with complex orthopedic conditions, and notes that Orthology continues to become more refined as the latest scientific studies are published.

Tidbit: Orthology has five New York City locations in Columbus Circle, Midtown East, Chelsea, and Union Square. Orthology.com.

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