Spring Refresh: Beauty and Wellness Edition

Pandemic fatigue is hitting us all, and even though people are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, stress and anxiety are still being reported in high numbers. Indulging in a little self care has become more important than ever and finding ways to boost your well-being and overall health is on the rise. With spring finally here and summer right around the corner, social interactions are picking up steam and we all want to look and feel our best. Here are some of BELLA’s favorite beauty and wellness products to help you live your best life.

Thrive Natural Care Bodyshield 50 Mineral Sunscreen & Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm ($20.95 & $21.95): Thrive Natural Care is a clean beauty brand known for their plant-based products, which utilize ingredients such as juanilama and fierrillo, both native to Costa Rica. The sustainable brand works on regenerative farms to source their ingredients, for a healthier, happier planet, and happier, healthier skin. Their brand new Bodyshield sunscreen is their first body product (packaged in plant-based materials) and leaves no white residue or greasiness. In fact, it not only protects your skin from the sun, but it also restores prior sun damage to your skin. Their Daily Defense Sunscreen Balm is another must-have. Giving your skin a dewy glow while protecting it, without that typical sunscreen smell, this balm is great for sensitive skin and for travelers.

MO MI Personal Space Mist ($35): Now that having our own personal space is more important than ever (thanks COVID), it’s equally as important to make that space a happy place for you. Beauty and lifestyle brand MO MI launched six different botanical multipurpose mists that can be used as a fragrance for your personal space, or as a hair spritz. Both vegan and cruelty-free, the mists are each designed with a unique scent, mood and purpose behind it. Whether you’re looking for some balance, clarity, a forest bath, love, or to unwind or uplift, there’s a scent for all.

Earth to Skin Beauty Tea Time Hand and Body Balm ($5.94): This clean beauty brand has been a favorite of mine since the pandemic hit. Their black tea and reship oil hand and body balm has quickly become my favorite body lotion for smooth, hydrated skin. It absorbs on the skin quickly, leaving behind no greasy residue, and has a very nice, subtle fragrance that isn’t overpowering. Plus, it’s low price tag means you can stock up on a ton. (Bonus: their scented hand sanitizers are also a must-have.)
Bess + Color Nail Polish ($14-$16): This non-toxic, vegan, cruelty and paraben-free nail polish brand is a welcome dose of happiness you can add to your beauty closet. All of the polishes are inspired by Wes Anderson films, so you will find colors like Grand Budapest, Sleeper Car and Courtesan Au Chocolat, to name a few. Not only are they all beautiful colors, but they go on smooth and thick, and their matte top coat can give your nails a completely new look. Bess + Color also ships all of their products in compostable and biodegradable packaging and encourage customers to repurpose their polish bottles.
Yesterday Wellness The Ritual ($65): This CBD brand uses all-natural, plant-based ingredients in order to give their customers relief from every day life stresses. Using organic hemp extract, Yesterday Wellness’s softgel capsules are formulated to help you get your best night’s sleep. These babies help you to de-stress and unwind after your long days and dose easily into sleep. They have tons of 5-star reviews, and are also available with melatonin for additional sleep support or curcumin for muscle relief.

Hanacure All-in-One Facial ($110): The skincare brand that’s developed a cult following among celebrities and influencers alike touts a unique distinction as one of the few companies that creates their products entirely in-house. Free from all parabens, sulfates and phthalates, their professional-level skincare products are clean, simple and incredibly effective. Hanacure’s award-winning All-in-One Facial is designed to address practically all skin concerns. Users note firmer, most lifted skin, reduced puffiness, reduction in hyperpigmentation and blemishes, increased luminosity, tightening of pores, and a reduction in wrinkles. The easy DIY facial kit takes your skin from drab to fab in minutes. It’s honestly a miracle worker in a box.

Manda Fermentation Super Drink ($40): Utilizing over 53 raw and natural ingredients, Manda’s Super Drink is a nutrient dense addition to your morning routine. Easily dissolvable in your glass of water, milk or smoothie, the green drink tastes great, with ingredients like mulberry leaves, young barley leaves, matcha and sporogenous lactobacillus. All of these work in your body to help balance your immune system, intestines, and boost your energy. Plus, it makes for a great hangover cure, as it helps to both rehydrate and detoxify the body.

SolaWave Wand ($149): This sleek, convenient beauty tool is made to elevate your skincare regime by providing four-in-one at-home treatments. Simply apply a serum, oil, or moisturizer, and the wand will deliver red light therapy, microcurrents, warmth, and a facial massage to your skin. Not only does this device help your skincare products penetrate more deeply into the skin, but the combination of these therapies helps to decrease puffiness, increase radiance, minimize the signs of aging, and improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It’s an addictive little device and its benefits are noticeable.

DryBar Mr. Incredible Ultimate Leave-In Conditioner ($14-$26): We already know how great DryBar’s dry shampoos are for our not-so-clean hair (hey, it happens), but their leave-in conditioner is the bff you didn’t know you needed. Simply spray it onto your damp hair and let the conditioner work its magic as it detangles and replenishes your hair’s moisture, all while preventing breakage from your heat tools.

Color Street ($13): If, like me, you haven’t been to the nail salon in way too long, Color Street’s nail polish strips are the answer to your nail woes. Basically a sticker for your nails, these strips are actually made from 100% nail polish, come in varying sizes for your different fingers, and are easy to adhere and remove. Having a fun, fresh manicure has never been so easy!


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