Stepping into a new year of Wellness – the gadgets that’ll get you movin’

According to the latest findings by the Global Wellness Institute, one of the largest markets for consumer spend is senses, spaces, and sleep with $4.8 billion spent annually.

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Lucky for us, the new year brings with it some of the best innovation to help us move our bodies forward into better health. From aiding in gentle movements to getting our heart rates raised to the max, we found some of the best tools, products, gadgets, and apps to maximize our wellness routines.

The way we each choose to get and stay in shape is uniquely our own, just like any other routine. Some people are looking for ways to breathe a bit deeper, be more mindful, or get in better touch with their bodies. Others are looking to crank things up after 2020 and want to go full blast into the notion of “new year, new you.”

No matter what route you take, these items will help you explore new ways to incorporate a healthy wellness routine into any schedule.

Fit Fighter is a whole new way to lift weights. This strength and conditioning system boasts patent-pending Steelhose free weights and a training app. The Steelhoses are made in the USA from real firehose and steel shot. $65 and up,

G-Shock Move is the ultimate workout partner. This is an athletes’ dream watch that does everything from track your GPS, heart rate, oxygen level, and training goals, as well as monitor your daily workouts. Even better—it is solar-powered and pairs easily with the exclusive G-Shock app so you can stay on track thanks to super tracking, $399 and up,

Merrell Nova 2 is one of the latest sneaker additions to the iconic shoe brand. This is perfect for those on the trails or running on any uneven surface with its adaptive grip. The waterproof membrane helps you keep warm and dry no matter your workout conditions. $110,

Sunlighten Solo System Sauna Bed will help you up your home-based wellness nook. This portable light therapy system delivers numerous health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, aiding in weight loss, boosting collagen, and detoxification. $1,949 and up,

Sanabul With their unique tie-dyed offerings, Funk Strike Boxing Gloves will bring some fun and color to your boxing game. If you’re looking for a new way to get your heart rate up, try either at-home, outdoor, or anywhere and take these great gloves with you. The gel-infused foam provides the best protection and softness to help prevent injury. They are also easy to maintain and clean. $49,

Sunglass Hut will keep your eyes protected wherever your wellness routine takes you. Their vast selection of eyewear will allow you to change up your assortment no matter your mood or workout, whether an intense cardio class outdoors or a gradual walk. Among our favorites: Oakley and Ray Ban, which are great for sports. Prices vary,

BIOS SkyView is a revolutionary table lamp that brings the biological benefits of natural light indoors. We are spending more than 90% of our time indoors, and the lack of natural light is affecting our sleep and adds distress to our bodies. This table lamp mimics different light forms that change throughout the day to help us maintain and help our circadian rhythm. $749,

Vessel is a holistic wellness tracker you can use right from your phone. Measure and track wellness biomarkers, such as vitamin C and cortisol levels via the app, as well as identify deficiencies in your diet. All it takes is a two-minute urine test for a personalized wellness score with a tailored plan to help you see what nutrition and lifestyle changes will make the biggest impact on your health. $35 and up,


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