Stuck with Home Design? Step into your Closet.

Have you ever been stumped on where to start when it comes to revamping, redesigning, or refreshing a room? You’re starting out with a blank canvas and you are so unsure as to what you want. You have no clue about color scheme—do you want a pattern, or would your rather simplify your space? Do you want the room to feel edgy or different to what your style might be? There are just too many options… it’s no wonder you feel like you’ve hit a wall before you even get started!

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Well, the answer might be hanging in your closet. It’s been my experience that if you go into your bedroom, look in your closet, and explore your wardrobe, your ideal design style is waiting right there. Try looking at your favorite go-to outfit, a pair of shoes you wear on the regular, or a piece of jewelry you never take off.

You are naturally drawn to a particular color palette, and your favorite item of clothing tends to hold the key to what color you would lean toward when it comes to making design decisions.

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If your clothes are NEUTRAL:

Find yourself wearing a lot of white and beige? Opt for a neutral color palette. A timeless palette, neutrals never go out of style. Pick a gray paint like Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray if you’re after something cooler, or Useful Gray, which leans more toward a beige palette. If you wear one other color every now and then, use that color to weave through your design. Add throw pillows, window treatments, or accessories in that shade.

If your clothes have a lot of COLORS:

If you lean toward clothes that have patterns and lots of different colors, you might find yourself back to square one and at a loss for choice. Worry not! Try a few different color combinations based on the colors in one particular garment. Refer to the color wheel and choose colors next to one another if you’re after a subtle look. Or if you wish to experiment, try colors at opposite ends of the color wheel that complement each other like blue and orange. But be careful that you select shades that work together so you don’t find your palette clashing.

If you wear a lot of BLACK:

When it comes to designing a room using a black color palette, you’re going to need to add something to make it pop. If you love the black staples in your closet, perhaps there’s a patterned bag that makes you feel good when you wear it—you could start with that. Pull other colors in through artwork or bold accessories. Break up the color by adding in design aspects like white trim around doors or windows, crown molding, or built-ins in a different shade. Glam things up with metallic—a gold coffee table will really add a hint of mystique! Not wanting to commit fully to the color black? Try going for a very dark shade of gray paint like Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart or Sherwin William’s Black Fox.

Photography Courtesy of Boutique Closets and Cabinetry.

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