Stylishly Sustainable: Snipes USA Launches The New Stan Smith, Revolutionizing Footwear

In 2021, Adidas will redefine how Stan Smith footwear is made. From its origins redefining how the tennis shoe looked in 1973, to how it is made today, Adidas will now make Stan Smith synonymous with sustainability. Always iconic, and now more sustainable, Stan Smith took on an Earth Day initiative with a mission to live on forever. Each pair of the newly designed sneakers is equivalent to 17 plastic water bottles, making them both innovative and stylish, complete with on-trend green detailing.

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To bring this concept to life, the creative geniuses behind Snipes USA and JDM Global Solutions created an in-store experience to educate and communicate the brand’s story around recyclability and sustainability. The product launch shared what the future of Stan Smith looks like and how Adidas strives to be a part of ending plastic waste, making the environment better for future generations.

The launch, which took place at the flagship snipes store near Barclays Center, was a unique retail experience that drove energy to the store by creating an educational, must-see environment, and more importantly, an organic social media moment. The launch also offered one-of-a-kind on-site personalization for consumers that purchased a pair of the new Stan Smith sneakers. Leading with female influencers that have voices in the sustainability community, the launch was able to drive brand awareness through storytelling surrounding Sam Smith and the sustainability movement, in an organic way.

To further support the environmental movement, Snipes and Stan Smith are working with Grow NYC to support recycling programs and build and renovate green spaces in local neighborhoods. They also have worked to adopt a school garden in their local community to inspire and educate future generations on the importance of recycling and sustainability for a better future.

The launch also welcomed Olivia Rose, of Original Rose, a uniquely creative plant design studio, to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience for consumers. The ceramic sneaker activations filled with plants and greenery, bore the hashtag #raisedfromconcrete and completed the Earth Day theme. The custom sculptures, along with Snipes’ lush oasis of greenery, cemented the ideals and beauty of supporting the green initiative.

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Snipes USA / @snipes

Adidas Originals / @adidasoriginals

Olivia Rose / @originalrose

JDM Global Solutions / @jdmglobalsolutions


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