Summer Crosley: A Model and Actress Also Saving Our Beaches

When she is not traveling the World of Fashion, she devotes her life to making a difference in the world by supporting environmentally friendly causes such as Ocean life Conservation to help protect our beautiful oceans and help keep our beaches clean.

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Summer has influenced the public to join the eco-friendly movement by doing our part to help decrease pollution and protect wildlife. She continues to dedicate her daily life to encourage others to clean up our beaches and reminds others to reduce, reuse, recycle to conserve the beautiful ocean life. She is really making a difference by educating others on the importance of protecting our environment.

Most people fail to realize the importance of ocean life conservation to protect our planet. She reminds her peers and the youth community that littering puts our beautiful wildlife — dolphins, whales, sea turtles, tropical fish at risk of endangerment and extinction.

Summer has traveled to the world’s top beach destinations to raise awareness throughout Fiji, Bali, Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica. She continues on her mission to influence thousands to join the eco-friendly movement and help protect our beautiful ocean life from extinction.

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