Summer Fun & A Swift Kick Out of My Comfort Zone


My parents brought LuLu and the Little Man a ‘slip and slide’. When we unpacked it from the box and set it up in yard, boy did it bring me back to my childhood summer days – me and my brother spending hours sliding down the shiny yellow vinyl runner. I remember Richie being way better at it than me. He would swirl, spin, and do all kinds of moves. I would just do the standard ‘run – jump – slide’, but it was tons of fun none the less.

As my hubby was setting it up, I couldn’t wait to see Lu and the Man take their first go at it. I knew they would have a blast together! We all had our swimsuits on – it was a gorgeous and sunny day. I figured the husband and I would sit on the sidelines and watch – cheer them on. But, when the kids didn’t exactly know what to do with the thing, Michael decided to give it a go and show them how it’s done.

We were all hysterical watching him plunge and slide straight down the slip and slide, and into the grass! Lu followed suit, and the Man decided he’d rather walk it out and get wet from the sprinkler that ran down the edge.

“Mommy!” Lu exclaimed, “it’s your turn!! Your turn, Mommy!!”

I have to admit, it looked like so much fun, but I was actually nervous. When I gave birth to the Little Man, he kind of ‘broke my back’ in labor. I spent nearly 2 months unable to move properly because no one knew what was wrong, and then finally an angel doctor discovered fragments of my disk in the cauda equina region of my lower back. By removing the fragments (so I didn’t go into real paralysis from the pressure on my nerves) and strengthening the muscles in my back, I haven’t had any issues since.

I realize in order to keep it healthy, I mustn’t be complacent with it. And so (under doctor’s order), I haven’t let my back stop me from moving in other ways – working out, walking, lifting, traveling – for some reason I felt a pinch of fear set in while contemplating the slip and slide.

“Oh, honey, mommy is having a ball watching you! You go ahead!” I answered her.

That night I thought about not doing the slip and slide. Who was I kidding? I could do it. I was a little scared, but really, I rehabilitated and strengthened my back. I know that it was an excuse, that I just had to push myself out of my comfort zone of sitting on the chair watching, and get out there in the wet grass and go do it!

The next day we ventured into the yard again for slip and slide round 2. Lu was jumping even sooner, sliding, and becoming more and more comfortable. Man even took a few tumbles down! Finally, I said, “Watch out kids, mommies turn!!” Lu and the Man’s face lit up with excitement. And with a dash and a dive I slid down the slide smiling the entire time as they cheered me on.

Then, we simply couldn’t get enough of the thing – round and round, over and over again. We spent hours outside. Pure joy from the experience, confidence from overcoming my fear, and fun for us all.

How will you push yourself out of your comfort zone today? What will you do to get out of the sidelines and join the game?

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