Summer’s Most Desired Styles

In the heat of summer, only a true fashionista with the perfect warm-weather wardrobe can stay cool. These trendy tips will help you not only look like a goddess, but feel like one, too!

Kimberly Gambale is co-owner at Diane & Co., New Jersey’s premier women’s fashion boutique and home to Oxygen Channel’s hit show, “Jersey Couture.”

Go Global

Let tribal styles make you feel like you’re on vacation even if you’re stuck in a conference room. These can take on a minimal or major theme in your wardrobe. If a batik maxi dress is too much for your taste, add this trend to your closet through tasteful yet attention-grabbing accent pieces.

• Capture the look with sandals made of embossed python and wood.

• Tuck a raffi a clutch under your arm.

• Accessorize with jewelry in earthy shades of brown, orange, red, and dark green.

Work Your Feminine Wiles

Feminine styles never fade, and are visible in runway collections to off-the-rack outfits. Go for pieces in nudes,blushes and pastels as well as delicate fabrics like lace and sheer silks.

• Lace tops at a variety of price points will help you capture

this look on any budget.

• Add a peach dress or pea green denim pants to your wardrobe for an instant pop.

• A structured handbag is always ladylike. For added practicality, opt for a clear plastic tote that can work on the beach, on errands, or in the office.

Get Perforated

Upgrade your ventilation system and let some fresh air into your wardrobe! For summer 2012, the usual revealing pieces have been updated with full-on mesh fabric and eye-catching laser cutouts. From shoes to bags, dresses to shorts, designers over lightweight, breathable pieces that can create a sporty or sexy vibe depending on how you wear them.

• For a polished take on this trend, try a mesh blazer or laser cut shorts.

• Make a smaller yet still powerful perforated statement with mesh covered

shoes or handbag.

Itching for Iridescence

Iridescent shimmer adds a fun twist to clothes and accessories this season. This finish creates a lustrous, rainbow-colored effect that will make any opalescent item the statement piece of your outfit.

• Add some whimsy to your look with color-changing sandals or belt.

• Go bold with a sparkling iridescent statement necklace.

No matter the trend, stay true to yourself. Remember, trends are guidelines. Fashion is all about putting your stamp of self on what you wear! Make these trends your own… and don’t forget to have fun!  That’s what summer is all about, after all!