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Summertime Pampering: Lush Ways To Treat Yourself

By Ella Woodward

The summer is an excellent time to treat yourself. This year, as we emerge from lockdown, it is even more important to give yourself a break and treat yourself to some pampering. There are plenty of ways to help you feel refreshed and give your well-being a much-needed boost.

Here are some of the best ways to pamper yourself this summer and spend the warm months happy and healthy.

Try Out A New Makeup Look

Experimenting with makeup can be incredibly fun. It can also help you feel completely different and give you a great confidence boost. You could consider taking a trip to your favourite makeup retailer to buy some new supplies. Review the various options while you’re there and consider buying a makeup palette in a different colour scheme than you would usually choose. Bold new lipstick and eyeliner could also be excellent additions.

Once you’ve picked up some new products, you could look for some online tutorials to find new ways to apply makeup. Experimenting is an excellent way to get good at applying makeup, so set aside an afternoon to just have fun with your palettes and brushes.

Make A Signature Summer Drink

There’s nothing quite like sitting in the sunshine on a warm summer’s day with an ice-cold drink in your hand. You could consider putting together a signature drink for days like these over the summer. For instance, you could make your very own summer cocktail to treat yourself after a long week of work or a refreshing punch. You could get various ingredients in and invite friends over to have a mixing party. Whether to include alcohol is entirely up to you.

Treat Yourself To Some Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is popular for a reason! There’s no better time to refresh your wardrobe than in the summer, particularly if your summer clothes are feeling a bit dated or no longer your style. If you are looking for some new pieces to transform your summer look, Luella have a stunning new collection which is well worth exploring.

Curate Your Summer Playlist

A summer playlist is a perfect way to help you relax, get motivated or prepare for a night out. You could consider making a playlist for different occasions. It’s a good idea to choose a mix of new songs with old favourites to create a playlist that will keep delighting you all summer long.

Try Some DIY Beauty Treatments

There’s nothing quite like getting the spa treatment, and there are some excellent ways that you can bring the joy of the spa to your own home. There are plenty of recipes for face masks, hair treatments and body scrubs that you can make with everyday ingredients found in the kitchen.

You could consider having some friends over and make a day of it. Experiment with different DIY beauty treatments and find the ones that make you and your friends feel refreshed and gorgeous.


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