Support Creatives Gives Artists Opportunities For Growth During Uncertain Times

Support Creatives, a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit, aims to provide artists in need with financial assistance, mentorship programs, and the tools and education to succeed.

The beauty industry is always evolving, but it has never seen a time like this before. Thousands of artists are in an unimaginable position with no work, no clients, and no foreseeable way out to pay their bills. The industry’s future, especially for artists, is uncertain and Support Creatives, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, will give these artists a sense of hope. The new nonprofit will launch on April 6th, to help support struggling members of the beauty community through this incredibly difficult time – but they won’t stop there. Support Creatives aims to fill the gap in the world of charities by providing artists in the industry with the proper support system they require. Now and in the future, Support Creatives will be ready to support artists, and to help them create the careers they deserve.

Founded by industry professionals Melody O’Flaherty and her husband Michael Dueñas, Support Creatives is a nonprofit unlike any other. Offering access to financial aid, mentorship programs, and opportunities for educational advancement, Support Creatives assists artists in the beauty industry along the path towards lifelong success. While its inception comes in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Support Creatives is not just a quick fix. Rather, it is uniquely designed to support artists during the entirety of their careers, whether that be during moments of crisis or personal growth. Support Creatives aims to provide assistance and stability for artists, no matter the situation.

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Support Creatives Programs

  • Emergency Beauty Support Program: Financial assistance for artists that are struggling to help pay their bills, purchase supplies or put food on the table.
  • Mentorship Program: Guidance for artists, whether they are just starting out or simply in need of career mentorship. All mentors are established artists in the industry.
  • Education Program: Live, online courses taught by industry professionals. Courses cover fundamental topics as well as the latest trends in the industry.
  • Tool and Product Support Program: Working with tool and product partners, Support Creatives provides the missing pieces for the artist’s toolkit.

About the Founders

Melody O’Flaherty and Michael Dueñas have decades of experience working in the beauty industry. O’Flaherty, a beauty publicist and founder of Melody Joy Public Relations (a beauty and lifestyle PR firm in NYC and LA) has been working with upcoming and established brands and artists through countless events and campaigns for over ten years. In her work, O’Flaherty has been able to see all sides of the industry and truly understands how closely they all work together. “Brands, artists, press – you can’t really have one without the others,” O’Flaherty states, “When one group takes a hit, the others feel it. This is a community, and

we all have to support one another for collective success.” Dueñas, a freelance celebrity hairstylist, has been perfecting his craft for 20 years, working on editorials, red carpets, press junkets and the like. While he has amassed an impressive list of celebrity clients and built a diverse resume, he understands how quickly the tide can turn. “As a freelance hairdresser,

I understand how difficult it is to pay your bills and grow your craft, especially during moments of crisis,” says Dueñas, “In an uncertain market, I want to provide the means and stability for every artist to achieve their dreams.” Merging their unique industry experience, O’Flaherty and Dueñas started Support Creatives as a nonprofit that could help artists in multiple aspect of their careers, and their lives. Support Creatives, launching April 6th, is here to help the beauty community, one artist at a time. To inquire more about the programs offered, or to join in the fight for artists, please visit

Please contact Melody Joy PR team for any questions:

Melody O’Flaherty


Melody Joy Public Relations


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