Support Your Local Girl Gang In Style with Girl Gang The Label

Female Founder Amy Will started her first e-commerce business at the age of 24 years old with a $100 Etsy gift card and has since launched 4 successful brands. Before starting Girl Gang, Will held the role of Marketing Director at Tower Paddle Boards (of Shark Tank fame), having also started as their first employee. Will graduated from California Lutheran University with a Major in Communications and was born and raised in Ventura. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to scale her first e-commerce business and establish a centralized office space.

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Currently age 32, Will’s latest and very notable brand, Girl Gang, was created out of a want to connect and inspire women. She started by launching Girl Gang the Label as a merchandise line with their flagship product, a “Support Your Local Girl Gang” sweatshirt. After a positive response from initial customers layered with social media buzz and organic  influencer following, she decided to create a full line of products. To date the brand has secured retail partnerships with Nordstrom, The Beverly Hills Hotel, and boutique fitness studios across the US.

“We wanted to create a playful line that both men and women could wear,” says Will. “Our original item, a Support Your Local Girl Gang sweatshirt, inspired the entire brand.  As people started responding positively to this mantra, we decided to have it be the core message of Girl Gang the Label.  Everything we create is meant to inspire our customers to support and empower women.”

Girl Gang the Label started with a signature collection of the “Support Your Local Girl Gang” sweatshirts and has since grown to seasonal collections that customers can shop via their online store, They recently created a collaboration with Peanuts exclusively for Nordstrom, established a retail partnership with The Beverly Hills Hotel, and created an eco-friendly sweat set with the female-owned athleisure brand, Nourish Sweat Soul. A percentage of all profits are also donated to charities that focus on female education, health, and empowerment.

Will’s advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs? “Don’t focus on the mistakes, look at them as lessons.  When you are running a business, it is inevitable things will turn out differently than you anticipated.  Spending too much time feeling sorry for yourself or getting hung up on doing something wrong will pull you away from your overall goals.  When you mess up, pick yourself up and get back to it!”

As a result of the social community that was built around ‘Girl Gang the Label,’ Amy Will launched a podcast in 2019 as a brand extension, ’Girl Gang the Podcast,’ where she interviews inspiring and creative women on their brands, projects and endeavors. Marie Claire featured them as “33 Best Podcasts of 2020,” (2020 Marie Claire Link) paired with various other Industry and peer recognitions. In 2020, this also branched off into an IG Live Series, expanding their audience reach.

“I was inspired to become an entrepreneur because of my father. Watching him start and scale a business from a young age made me want to also have my own business one day, instilling the spark in me that I still have today,” Will says.

On each episode of Girl Gang the Podcast, Amy Will interviews women on their accomplishments, challenges and tools used to succeed in business. She digs deep with each guest to discover the highs and lows of being a female entrepreneur in today’s society, while also uncovering valuable advice for listeners. Whether these women lead nonprofits, are successful in-demand influencers, female executives, are self-made entrepreneurs, or female founders, Will dives into their world with a real interest and authenticity, providing engaging content for listeners. The roster of guests to date include females from Burberry, Nike, British Vogue, Bebe, and Uber, as well as notable influencers like Bethany Mota and the founders of Girl Powerful.

Will is also co-founder of Evolving Vegan, a vegan lifestyle brand focused on helping people incorporate veganism into their daily life. Their first book was released at the end of 2020 as a result of their large and loyal social media following.

When asked how she manages to successfully juggle multiple businesses, Will shares, “I lean on my network and know when to ask for help.  Accepting you cannot do it all is key to being a serial entrepreneur.  Aside from outsourcing tasks and hiring talent, let your friends and family know when you are struggling. I have my go-to females I reach out to when I need a sounding board and to think outside of the box for a problem in business.”

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