Sweat-Proof Jewelry Will Bring Ease & Style Back Into Your Life

If you’re like me, you’ve been thrown for a loop this past year trying to reconfigure your workout routine. From going into the gym every day, trying new fitness classes, and working out with a personal trainer, the pandemic has shifted gears, leaving more and more people to their own devices and at-home workouts. Oftentimes I find myself squeezing in exercise between Zoom calls , leaving me little time to spruce myself up.

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And I don’t know about you, but living in sweats and minimal make-up is not making me feel like my best self. A good workout set and some everyday jewelry can really add some pep to my step during these strange times, but taking on and off my jewelry is a bit too high maintenance for me at the moment.

Did you know there are actually sweat-proof jewelry brands, that allow you to go from lunge to meeting to the couch with ease? OXB Studio, a handmade jewelry brand designed specifically for fitness enthusiasts, chatted with us about what sets them apart, and shares upcoming trends you might want to keep your eyes on for 2021.

What makes your sweatproof jewelry different from all other jewelry? What makes it sweatproof?

We design and fabricate a line of jewelry to workout in. People tend to take their jewelry off, or buy silicone bands, but OXB is a line of our favorite, on-trend jewelry styles made safe to sweat in. We source high-quality, hypoallergenic metals that won’t rub off, irritate your skin, and end up in the landfill after a few wears. We are handmade in Denver, Colorado by a team of women who care equally about design, sustainability, and our fitness community.

Is the quality different from other jewelry?

Yes, gold-filled metals are different from the gold plating that we often see in other jewelry. Gold-plating just adds a thin layer gold on top of a base metal and easily rubs off. Gold-filled metals are a thick layer of gold electromagnetically bonded to the base metal and will not rub off to expose the base metal, thus making it hypoallergenic and safe to sweat and wear every day. Gold-filled metals are free of common metal allergens and if well taken care of, can last 10+ years.

Why did you decide the market needed this and why did you decide to go into this industry?

We designed OXB specifically for the fitness community. We saw a need in the market for jewelry that was safe to sweat in, so we went after it. Maggie had a background in metals and metalsmithing so knew that gold-filled and sterling silver metals were what we would use. OXB started in the yoga market and has evolved to all boutique fitness, professional athletics and various types of movement. From a leisurely walk around the park to the most intense weight lifting session, OXB will not irritate your skin. Outside of just the products, we just love the fitness industry and the sense of community that it attracts.

Why do you think this makes a good gift, especially this year?

Since we source high-quality metals that are made to last, OXB is the perfect gift that will stand the test of time. We have the option to customize bar necklaces, disc necklaces and cigar bands for a personalized touch.  

What kind of jewelry trends are you seeing right now? When do people typically wear your jewelry? 

Right now, jewelry is all about chains, layering and ease. Jewelry is an effortless way to elevate your look even if it’s workouts at home. 

What are some of your bestsellers? 

Custom Bar and Disc Necklaces, our layering chains and cigar bands.

Do you have anything new and exciting coming up we can share with our readers?

We are launching in Free People this month and we’re looking forward to developing products with an exciting connection to the 2021 Olympics. 


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