Take a breath on Mother’s Day

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily chaos of motherhood: dishes and laundry that seem to multiply by the second, tripping over toys, mysterious sightings of food clumps in random places of your home. Wondering, “What day is it again?”

My child is only a year old so I’m no expert on mom-hood but as we enter Mother’s Day weekend, I invite all of you to take a breath and reflect on the BELLA aspects of parenting…

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The journey to motherhood was difficult, so I often feel guilty for being annoyed during the rote aspects of being a mom. I should be grateful for every single moment with my child, what’s wrong with me? Then I remember we are human. You can feel two things at once. You can be annoyed when there’s food on the floor (again) yet be delighted that your little one just successfully used a spoon after a week of practicing.

You can feel utter and complete panic when baby starts screaming in public yet want to start laughing because, quite frankly, they are just so cute, even if they’re mad.

You can want to hide and be away from your family because you need a minute to yourself yet love them with all your being. (#pandemiclife)

When overwhelmed, I stop, breathe, and think of my daughter. I remember all the phenomenal aspects and privileges of this role. For me, being a BELLA mom is when:

  1. She discovers something new. Yesterday she found her belly and I think we both felt that it was equivalent to inventing electricity.
  2. She stares at birds or squirrels when we’re outside. Full disclosure, when I say “birds”, in Brooklyn that means pigeons, but she smiles and chirps with glee at these fascinating creatures that move so quickly.
  3. She loves a new food. We are an allergy household, meaning my child has food allergies. At first, I focused on all the things she could not eat, and it caused stress and anger. After consulting with her doctors, I’m more focused on what she can eat and it’s exciting when she messily gobbles something up.
  4. She laughs or smiles. I don’t think there is anything else in life that can replace the beauty and happiness when your child smiles!
  5. She gives me a hug or kiss. My daughter is on the verge of walking, so she doesn’t love being in one place, let alone snuggling with me for more than 10 seconds, so when she shows affection, it is the best gift.

Those little people who can drive us to frustration are the same kids who can fill us with unexplainable, BELLA joy. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mom figures out there. Remember, you’re amazing and doing the best you can. Take a breath and celebrate all that the day brings!


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