Take a “Moment” To Meditate With This Natural, Botanical Beverage

We’re more stressed than ever, but the supposed ‘self-care’ solutions are expensive, time-consuming and in turn, stressful. The founder of Moment wants you to give yourself a break.

Moment is a natural botanical beverage that bottles the feeling of meditation in a can. Their blend of botanicals and adaptogens promotes alpha brainwaves –like those that arise during meditation –for reset and clarity.

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Incorporating ingredients like L-theanine to improve focus and brain functioning; ashwagandha to manage stress; and apple cider vinegar for vitality; Moment is made with real fruit juices and has no caffeine or added sugar. Inspired by ancient wellness beverages from around the world, Moment’s flavors are TulsiLemon, Rooibos Blood Orange and Hibiscus Dragon Fruit. The result: a botanical water that works hard so you don’t have to.

Created by an immigrant and former McKinsey consultant, Aisha Chottani was all too familiar with the always-on culture. Aisha held a stressful job as a consultant where she often found herself working 100 hours a week all too frequently. This would often leave her mind frazzled and she would find herself surrounded by unhealthy eating options.

She decided to bring together the cultures she has experienced, expertise as a consultant, experiences with meditation, and passion for wellness to create a brand that helps us take that much-needed break. Having spent time with different cultures and countries –Aisha grew up in the Middle East, is from Pakistan, and lived in South Africa and Europe–she was inspired by global ingredients, stress-relieving botanicals, and adaptogens to create a drink that leaves users feeling instantly renewed and ready to take on the world.

Aisha spent a year formulating in the kitchen and conducting customer focus groups to create a beverage that has nuances of the taste healthy customers want while having the functional benefits that meditation provides. She boot-strapped the company, taking on the beverage giants of the corporate world.

Moment is made up of the very best and freshest ingredients from all over the world: ashwagandha from family-owned farms in India, blood oranges from Italy, dragon fruit from Vietnam, and rooibos from South Africa. All the ingredients meet the highest standards of safety by the FDA.

The flavors and adaptogens are inspired by international beverages and cultures and have been used for centuries for their wellness benefits. TulsiLemon was inspired by nimbupani, a popular beverage in Pakistan where Aisha grew up, and Rooibos Blood Orange is popular in her husband’s native South Africa.

Notably, 1% of all Moment sales go towards mental health non-profits. Currently, Moment has partnered with PINK on an exclusive beverage to drive Mental Health Awareness. Available on their website ($25 per 6-pack) for the entire month of May, Moment of PINK is a carbonated botanical water that allows you to take a break. Experience the magic of cherries and hibiscus as the adaptogens help you reduce stress and renew yourself. A portion of campaign proceeds will go towards the Jed Foundation to support mental health in young adults.

An afternoon reset, a pre-yoga drink, or even an alcohol replacement, Moment acts as a break in the day. You can even join their daily meditation club by texting 888-440-9646 and follow them on Instagram!


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